I’M JUST CURIOUS: Other uses than intended

by Debbie Walker

I haven’t done one of these columns for a while now. But have no fear I had not forgotten about these many uses. What I have been doing is buying my “FIRST for women” magazine, every time I see them displayed. Each month two pages are for uses other than originally intended. So… Let’s see what I can find…..

Dryer sheets: Put nail polish remover on a dryer sheet and scrub off that glittery nail polish that comes off with difficulty. Also: use a used dryer sheet to rub down a silver sink and it will sparkle. I believe you can use dryer sheets to clean bugs off car.

Plastic straws: Any time you travel put those pretty, little necklaces in a straw. Open the clasp and slide it down through the straw and put together and close the clasp. Half the necklace is in and half out and there will be no tangles. This works, I have been using it for years. You can use a straw to carry spices, it saves room in your camper.

Oh, this one is neat. It may make you cringe a little but hold back your first thought. If you are having a big party and serve a punch you could use a ‘never used before’ waste can, make your punch with room to spare. Once the party is over, clean it and ta-da you have a new waste can!

Dog hair on the furniture and you can’t find the lint brush. Use a pair of panty hose. Put your hand up into the leg and brush it across the fur. It works.

Stretch panty hose over the bristles of a broom. It will easily pick-up pet fur, dust, or dust bunnies.

Unclog a slow drain? You can experiment with this one. I haven’t tried it yet. Pour one-fourth of a cup of hair conditioner down the drain. Let sit 20 minutes and then pour a pot full of boiling water down the drain. Good luck – Let me know the results.

You can use hair conditioner to soften cuticles. Rub it into the cuticles and then soak the fingers in warm water for a few minutes. Use a cotton swab to push back cuticles.

If you spill cooking oil don’t rush to wipe up with paper towels, they just spread it around. Sprinkle coffee grounds over the oil, give then a few minutes to work then wipe them and the oil up. Should be much easier.

If you have to clean out a fireplace of soot and ash let damp coffee grounds make it easier. Leave on 5 or 10 minutes. The grounds will weigh down the ashes, preventing dust, easier clean up.

Is swallowing large pills difficult for you? Try rolling them in vegetable oil and then swallow, they should slide easily.

Remove stuck on price tags with veggie oil. Soak a corner of paper towel in the oil and rub the sticker. The oil breaks down the sticky part.

One last tip. Before you put on rubber gloves dust your hands with flour. Been on the sandy beach? Sprinkle flour on feet and brush off sand and dirt.

I’m just curious, what are some of the things you have come across? Share, please. Contact me at DebbieWalker@townline.org with any questions. Thank you for reading and have a great week!


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