I’M JUST CURIOUS: Passing on some of Joey’s wisdom

by Debbie Walker

I know I have mentioned Joey Green in past columns. I have to mention him again. He has some of the best material on the market for home remedies for cleaning, for health and other user-friendly household needs.

This week I received his latest email about his books. To name a few, he has Pet Cures; Health Remedies; Clean it, Fix it, Eat It (I love this one!), Cleaning Magic and there are many more. If you like this stuff like I do you will be happy for hours while you scan the material. Then, of course, we have to share the things we learned with someone else (like I did) and I share with you.

In my e-mail this time Joey lists different uses for Bounce dryer sheets and I would like to share with you:

1. Repel mosquitoes: Tie a sheet through your belt loop, hanging from a hat, and feel free to use more than one.

2. Freshen air in your car: Tuck one in the visor or under the seat or maybe in your glove compartment.

3. Static electricity: wipe your television screen with a used sheet of Bounce to keep static cling out of business on your TV.

4. Remove hairspray: Do you get hairspray on mirrors, walls, or floors? Dampen a sheet of Bounce with water and wipe clean.

5. Stop thread from tangling: Not many folks use a needle and thread anymore but if you do try putting your threaded needle through a sheet of Bounce. Eliminates static cling.

6. Eliminate static from pantyhose: If you still wear pantyhose and don’t want clothes to cling, rub a damp used sheet of Bounce over the hose.

7. Prevent a sleeping bag from getting musty: When you roll it up for storage slip a dryer sheet inside.

8. Dust a Car Dashboard: A used dryer sheet will help repel dust from the dashboard.

9. Prevent Loss of Dirt: If you have a plant in a pot and see your dirt is coming out with the water, repot and put a used dryer sheet in the bottom. That will fix it.

10. Remove Pet Hair from Furniture: With a used dryer sheet wipe the area affected. The hairs are attracted, works like a magnet.

11. Prevent Musty Suitcase: If you don’t travel often, when you are ready to use luggage, it smells musty. Prevent that by leaving a Bounce sheet in it before storing.

12. Keep Cats Away from Christmas Tree: At night or whenever you leave the house during the day, put down Bounce around the tree and pick them up in morning. Bounce has an Oleander fragrance that cats don’t like.

13. Remove Chewing gum from your dryer: I have never had this problem yet… but you dampen a used Bounce sheet and wipe off the gum. Hope it works.

14. Prevent Dusty Lampshades: Rub a sheet of Bounce on the shade. It removes static electricity that attracts the dust.

15. Clean Baked-on Food from a Cooking Pan: I have used this one and it does work! Put Bounce in the pan with water and let sit overnight and then sponge clean. (also works for removing dead bugs from the front of your car).

Okay well, that’s all I have room for tonight. I’m just curious what tips you will use. Look Joey Green up on your internet for more of his ideas. Contact me at DebbieWalker@townline.org with any comments or questions. Have a great week! And thank you Joey!


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