I’M JUST CURIOUS: Some summer tips

REMINDER OF SUMMER PAST: Judy Mathiau, of Vassalboro, snapped these colorful flowers last summer.

by Debbie Walker

I have been collecting seasonal tips for some years now and once again they are for what’s left of your summer. Wish I had been able to get them out sooner. Of course, summer weather for Florida lasts a lot longer.

I don’t know if you have seen your can make a temporary waterer. I like this cheap one. In a pinch to water your yards and your little people, grab a two liter soft drink bottle and put holes in it for watering. Use waterproof tape to be sure to hold the bottle on a hose. Yardwork and emergency fun for children for cheap!

You left your swimsuits without drying them. It is not perfect but a good idea just the same. Do you have one of those salad spinners that I don’t have? You can spin the extra water right out of it! Or, you can place the suit on a towel and roll it up until it squeezes out water. Works like a charm.

To grow lush green yards place wet paper teabags over your lawn. The bags will release nutrients, seeping into the ground, you can even dust with dry powdered iced tea mix for bigger areas.

You don’t have to cool your wine or other drinks with ice that will water them down. I love frozen grapes in the summer for a cooling snack but also learned they were better than ice for drinks!

Pool noodles are handy in the summer months.

I love this one. How many times have you tried to fill a bucket with water, but the bucket is too big? So, you put the noodle over the faucet and let the water flow through.

Have you ever had trouble picking up or moving a heavy plant. The dirt or the pebbles in the bottom make it almost impossible, and then add water. Cut up pool noodles for the bottom of the pot and then add the plant and soil. Still have the drain needed but much lighter.

You have tools such as rakes, hoes, and shovels. Slit a pool noodle in every so many inches, just enough of a slit that will hold the noodles in place, noodle horizontal and slits are vertical cuts. Attach to your wall. You could make another one to hang mops, brooms, and possibly a lightweight vacuum.

I also like the noodles for making a knee rest for when you are on your knees gardening. The instructions I read in my latest First magazine about the noodles. Cut three sections from the pool noodle wide enough for your knees to rest on and bind them together with rubber bands so they look like a raft. Inexpensive and with a little thought we could find other uses for adults and comforts.

I read there is a different spray against mosquitoes that smells a bit better than usual. Fill spray bottle with distilled water and 15 drops of lavender essential oil. Spray around the deck, or on outdoor furniture and on yourself. It is said they hate the smell of lavender.

I’m just curious which ones you will try, me, too. The First magazine never fails to give me new ideas and some I can add to as well. What are your favorite magazines? Any comments or questions, if I can help find me at DebbieWalker@townline.org . Have a great week!!

PS: don’t throw the old grills away, bet it makes a great planter and on wheels to move around. From First, also.


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