I’M JUST CURIOUS: Some thoughts

by Debbie Walker

I found a few tidbits of information I thought you might be interested in:

You know those little gel packets we find in some prescriptions and other things needing to keep the moisture. Well …. They can be reused to keep moisture out of your papers or photographs. I won’t be throwing them away anymore.

Did you ever wish you had a knife sharpener and swear you are going to get one when you go out next? In the meantime you can turn a ceramic mug upside down and hone the knife with that. They have an unglazed ring under the ring. Hold the blade at a 45 degree angle against the ring and pull across a few times. It’s nice to have ways to just get us by.

I never heard of using cream of tartar, one of our best bleaching agents. It will lift stains from almost anything. Mix a few tablespoons with hot water or peroxide. Let me know what you think of it.

I keep thinking about all the people that visited me while in Maine. One of the neatest things was getting together as a small reunion of the “girls” from the neighborhood. They have been living fairly close but life got in the way of keeping up with each other so we had a reunion at the cottage. It was so nice to hear everyone catching up on each others lives, swapping phone numbers and making plans to stay connected. I was really pleased to watch the action.

This is for Roland and anyone else interested: One day at the cottage I heard noises just under the deck. I looked over the side and saw kittens. What’s wrong with their faces? Didn’t look anything like any other breed of kitten’s face. They went back under the deck. Later that afternoon this showed up at the flowerbed: hopefully I will get a picture added here for you all:

I am going to finish now so there will be room. I know what it is. Do you?

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