I’M JUST CURIOUS: Winter woes

by Debbie Walker

Winter. What a wonderful season, as long as I am in Florida. When I got up this morning it was 27 degrees. I don’t like it, but I can tolerate it for just a few days.

Sitting in my Florida home, furnace is giving me the heat I need. I decided to share some of my vast knowledge (ha! ha!) of winter that I have collected just to share with you. Also, to remind me to be thankful for every wonderful Florida winter day. Spring will be here soon.

I came across a few words of folklore. Here’s a few facts about the “Birds and the Bees”:

“So how high the hornets, ’twill tell how high the snow will rest.”


Mild winter coming in /Onion’s skin thick and tough. Coming winter cold and rough. Okay, I know you are past this stage for the year.

Winter Woes

I know pool noodles have many uses and I find humor in using them in the winter. Have you discovered you could use them to insulate pipes in an area where there are water pipes with no heat? Just cut on one side of the noodle and slip it over the pipe.

Slippery walkway: Before the coming storm fill a 32 oz. spray bottle with a half teaspoon of dish soap, one tablespoon rubbing alcohol and one quart of water. Spritz on walkway and stairs for ice free surface.

In case you lose power (of course we know that won’t happen) you need a large mirror. Sit it on a table at an angle and point a flashlight. This increases the light.

Ice proof: spritz car mirrors with vinegar at night. It won’t freeze overnight. OR cover them with baggies and secure with rubber bands. Remove bags in the morning.

Bubble Wrap: Use bubble wrap to cover front and back windshields, taping each corner. The snow will settle on top of the wrap instead of freezing to the glass. You can just slide the plastic sheet off.

Now we are going to take care of some wardrobe woes:

If you don’t keep Static Guard on hand a safety pin will work to cut down the static. Attach it to the inside of the skirt, shirt, or pants. I have always hated that clinging and it can be embarrassing as well.

Do you have any clothing that have developed those little balls, like a knit top or sweater? It makes them look older, more worn. I was told once to take a razor and shave the clothing. First and only time I did, I slit the top. It was one I liked, too. However, there is a little handheld gadget. I just got a new one at Walmart. It is called a Lint Remover and cost about $10.

Some people resist the urge to buy suede. They are concerned about cleaning it, but there is one easy fix. A pencil eraser and that’s your weapon. Erase the mess. Then use a toothbrush to brush the suede to bring back the texture.

Another woe is because the dry air causes discomfort. I was impressed when I read if you didn’t have a humidifier a handy helper would be a crock pot. Put water in, leave cover off, turn it on. It’s a help.

I’m just curious what hints you have to share. Contact me at DebbieWalker@townline.org with questions or comments. Stay warm!! Thanks for reading, Have a great week!


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