I’M JUST CURIOUS: Words from Joey’s book

by Debbie Walker

Tonight, I am using one of my books, one of the many, authored by Joey Green. You might have seen him on The Tonight Show, Jay Leno, Good Morning America, and The View. When does he find time to write?

I have a few of his cleaning books. Next I will have to try: Last Minute Travel Secrets, Last Minute Survival Skills, The Electric Pickle (that has my curiosity bell ringing!), Dumb History, and Weird and Wonderful Christmas. It will take me a while to collect them all.

Tonight, I am using his book Clean It, Fix It, Eat It. I love to flip through a book first to see what attracts my attention. It never fails, something jumps out at me. This time it worked again!
Try this (maybe just for fun or let me know what your idea would be): Solar-Powered Water Heater: Clorox, Coca-Cola and Downy. Save the empty bottles and by dinner, the water is hot enough to use for washing dishes, puppies etc., With enough containers you can heat a child’s pool!

This book has chapters from Bathe It to Wear It. I can’t even pick a favorite chapter at this point.

For some reasons I am having trouble with flies, I am going to try:

FLIES: Alberto VO5 Hair Spray: As the book says, I can’t kill the things with a swatter, The trick here is to spray flies with Alberto VO5 hair spray. It freezes their wings and smells better than insecticides. I will try this one today.

MOSQUITOES: Joy dish detergent: Put two or three drops of Lemon Joy in a dinner plate, fill with water, and place the dish on the patio. They will fall in and die (with a little look).

CLEAN IT: Use Maxwell House Coffee grounds to scrub pots and pans that have a build-up of food and stains. Rinse well.

CLEAN IT: EGG: Clean a broken egg from the floor with Morton Salt. Poor salt over the broken egg. Let the salt blend with the egg and let sit for a minute. Then easily wipe up mess with paper towels.

FIX IT: Maybelline Crystal Clear Nail Polish: Paint clear nail polish over stones in costume jewelry to prevent them from falling out. Repeat when necessary. This also works if put on over screws of your eye-glasses.

FIX IT: PLEDGE: Spray Pledge furniture polish in the track of your sliding patio door. It helps keep dirt out and slides easier.

COOK IT (title of book is Eat It but the closest I found was Cook It) Coca Cola: Baked Beans cooked with a half can of Coca Cola will prevent flatulence. (Some families have used this for years but I never heard of it before).

COOK IT: ZIPLOC STORAGE BAGS: Fill a gallon size bag with cake batter ingredients then squeeze the bag to mix. {How neat is that!!}

I didn’t even make a tiny dent in this wonderful book tonight. I believe we need to visit this book often, hopefully Joey won’t mind. This book is accumulated hints Joey received from his fans. I hope he understands that I am a fan and I love telling people what I have learned. Enjoy! He has books to be bought and a website.

As usual I am just curious how these things work for you. I have tried some and will be trying more. Please contact me at DebbieWalker@townline.org with any questions or comments. Thank you for reading and have a wonderful week.


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