I’M JUST CURIOUS: Yummy pickle juice

by Debbie Walker

Do you have any idea how many uses there are for pickle juice? I didn’t have a clue. I am passing on more information from my Farmer’s Almanac Newsletter from 7/4/18 (https://farmersalmanac.com/uses-for-pickle-juice-28005). If you enjoy this stuff you really should join if you haven’t already, obviously I am a fan!!

I was surprised to find out pickle juice makes a natural sports drink – you can swig it or make popsicles. I was not real surprised to read the pickle juice is also an excellent way to season your potato salad, just add to your taste.

Other recipe helpers might be to add the pickle juice to flavor your boiled eggs; put juice in the water of your steamer for veggies; boost the flavor in corned beef and cabbage (add a splash to tenderize the meat). Then you could use pickle juice in place of the vinegar to make marinades and salad dressings. You could also use pickle juice and olive oil for a salad dressing, etc, etc.

You may also see the value of it in tomato juice, V8 juice or in your Bloody Mary. One thing I am finding more and more is to make ice cubes out of such and add it that way… Oh and if you are suffering from a hangover you just swig some to hydrate and restore your electrolyte level.

I maybe need to carry some around with me in a bottle. It also mentioned taking a swig to relieve muscle cramps and restless leg problems. Take a swig of the juice for a cure for hiccups or as a heartburn remedy. How about using it for a cough medicine, you got it, you just need a swig. Seems it helps with just a swig for losing your voice or for sore throat. Now for constipation it takes a whole glass of THE juice. Hey, whatever works! Another one I never heard of is to quench appetites, so if you are in my house and see all these dry pickles in the jars you will know what happened. It wasn’t from all the cooking I (don’t) do it was from my using a “new sports drink!”

Fourth of July is long since over, just think of all those jars of juice you dumped down the sink and the new uses you have for them! That’s okay, there are more cookouts to come and of course you can’t forget Memorial Day cookouts.

I would like to take this space to thank all of you with your notes of kindness in the month of July when Mom died. We decided we really can’t be sad because she passed so quickly, no lingering on for her. We are all grateful for that.

I’m just curious if you have ever tried any of these remedies and recipes. Contact me at dwdaffy@yahoo.com and of course Thank You for reading.


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