I’m Just Curious: More ideas to share

by Debbie Walker

Before I forget it, I have to tell you that my car was so icy this morning, every window, the mirrors and the windshield, covered with ice. Okay, so I had read about putting rubbing alcohol (91 percent) in a spray bottle and spraying the ice surfaces and you shouldn’t have to use your scraper at all, I didn’t need to. Alcohol worked great. And you can leave it in the car, it won’t freeze!

Oh, and if your home windows frost up, yes it happens, just spray the window and this may also do away with future frost. Just use the alcohol in a spray bottle.

Well, I found what follows when I was going through my notebook of good ideas. If you know these already, maybe it will just serve as a “reminder:”

You can use some buttons as a holder for pierced earrings, wires or posts.

Really handy for traveling.

Shower curtain holders work for hanging scarves.

A&D ointment (in the baby section for shopping) for cracked heels.

You know those little round paper reinforces? Cut some in half. Great for doing your own French manicure. (Used myself, works great!)

Key rings can be used as zipper pulls. You can get different sizes.

If you have trouble with your chains getting knotted at home or traveling, insert one end through a straw and hook it. No knots.

Mess from boots by the door? Get a shallow kitty litter box, possibly a cover from a storage crate, a few rocks to lift the boots to drain. Lost one of a pair of post earrings? Use it as a push pin.

Wicker spruce-up: Mix 3/4 cup of ammonia and one gallon of water, into a spray bottle then spritz. It gets into difficult spots.

Sparkle your diamond – soak in 1/2 cup of ammonia, 1/2 tsp. dish soap and one cup of warm water for 10 minutes then buff up with a cloth.

Smoke smell? Fill three bowls with ammonia and set them around anywhere you can smell it. It will neutralize the smoke.

Store cords in empty toilet paper rolls. Mark tube with info about cord.

Binder clips work to hold clothes on hangers.

On each end of a clothes hanger wrap a rubber band. It helps keep clothes from sliding off.

For whiter fingernails: Use a whitening toothpaste – scrub with tooth brush, let set five minutes and rinse.

Sticking a bag of charcoal in your basement should get rid of a musty smell.

A micro fiber cloth is more effective than a feather duster.

‘Til next week, I Am Just Curious, still. Find me at dwdaffy@yahoo.com. Don’t forget, we are online too.


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