Letters to the Editor: Point of letter missed

To the editor:

A person who didn’t like my second letter that was printed here, wrote a letter saying, “Maine will never become a prosperous state because no matter what is proposed, there is too much NIMBYism.”

Hadn’t realized that I was a so-called NIMBYist! But part of my concern is that some of you may not know what those five letters stand for, I didn’t, but a good friend solved the mystery! “NOT IN MY BACK YARD!

Afraid my main point that I am so upset about has been missed! I am fighting to retain the natural beauty and the animals that dwell there. In my opinion Maine is unique and special in too many ways to express here, but especially in the many places where anyone can enjoy ‘peace and quiet’ if they so desire.

But it is hard to fight big money, and so I am hoping and praying that there are enough of you out there that might agree with some of what I have written.

I am a proud believer that “God works in mysterious ways.” Hope you are too!

I would also like to make some corrections on the letter she wrote in which she stated that, “Central Maine Power displaced a whole town of about 300 people and flooded it.” Some in Dead River Plantation were also flooded out, and both were very small towns. I have no idea where she got those figures.

This quote from her letter states: “She says she grew up in nearby Flagstaff, but the real town of Flagstaff is under that lake.” (How well I know that!)

Anyway, here is the truth: I was born in Flagstaff, and grew up there, and graduated from Flagstaff High School.

When we had to move because Flagstaff was about to be flooded, I was still living in Flagstaff with my husband, Frank, and our son, Mark.

Marilyn Rogers-Bull


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