PHOTOS: Belgrade Central School students busy with projects

Publishing Party: Belgrade Central students in Mrs. Lachance’s fourth grade writing class recently invited parents and teachers into their classroom to share their realistic fiction stories. Student-authors started this writing unit by imagining stories that they wished existed in the world, developing believable characters, and plotting out a story arc. Then students drafted scenes that focused on using action, dialogue, and characters’ thoughts to bring their stories to life through the eyes of their readers. There were stories full of friendship, adventure, and beloved pets. These fourth grade authors were excited to share their publications with fans, and were impressed with the amazing turnout! Mrs. Lachance would like to thank all who came!

Scientific Writing: The second grade students at Belgrade Central School have been learning about how scientists write. The children learned that scientists ask a question about how the world works. Each child then came up with their own question involving force and motion. Next, students recorded a hypothesis for their question. They then learned to design an experiment to test their hypothesis and recorded their procedure. The second graders learned the importance of writing the details of each step, and also how to include drawings and labels to help other people recreate their experiment. After that, they conducted multiple trials and recorded their data. Finally, the results were analyzed and a conclusion was written. Learning about this new type of writing was challenging and fun! – Laura Dunbar, Second Grade Teacher


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