Pointers on purchasing a zero-turn mower

A few simple steps to find the right mower for you.

(NAPSI)—More time spent at home is prompting homeowners across America to improve their property’s curb appeal. With an increased focus on their yards, many individuals are looking to upgrade their old lawn mowers to something newer and equipped with more features. Zero-turn mowers, for example, are designed to ensure a picture-perfect cut with every mow. But with various options to choose from, the process can sometimes feel overwhelming. When researching which zero-turn mower is right for your property, consider the following:

Where will you purchase your mower? A good starting point is a local outdoor power equipment dealer. Dealers are experts in their field, can provide thorough answers to your questions and service your mower when the time comes. In addition, they’ll be able to help guide you towards the right mower by asking pertinent questions such as, how big is the lawn you’re mowing? How often do you mow your lawn? This will help the dealer narrow down which units will best meet your needs.

The primary operator should be comfortable with the mower, understand how to operate it and take it for a test drive to get a feel for how it operates. For example, the zero-turn mowers from Hustler Turf, a leading brand of outdoor power equipment and originator of the twin-lever zero-turn mower, function the same as pushing a shopping cart.

Next, think about storage. Like most pieces of machinery, mowers last longer when properly stored in a shed or large garage that will protect against weather, rust and other damage. Once you decide on your zero-turn, ensure it will fit into your shed. Deck sizes vary, so there’s a chance the unit might be too wide to fit.

Finally, consider your lawn’s conditions. Does it tend to be damp? Uneven? Covered in obstacles, like trees and bushes? The right mower will meet your lawn’s needs. For example, Hustler Turf’s recently modified Raptor family of residential mowers come standard with BigBite tires, which handle better than regular tires in any type of turf conditions. Re-engineered from the ground up, the Raptor series packs more performance, reliability and features to deliver a fluid mowing experience.

Bumpy or uneven lawns might require a unit with a more comfortable seat and better suspension to ensure a smoother ride. Each Hustler Raptor model now has a tougher, wider one-piece tubular frame with stylish bolstered seats, standard arm rests and rubberized floor mats for more user comfort.

These considerations will make the purchase process easier on you in the long run. Your local dealer will also help you along this process from start to finish and make sure you go home with the zero-turn that is best for you.

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For more information on zero-turn mowers and where to find a nearby dealer, visit www.hustlerturf.com.


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