SOLON & BEYOND: I’ve been feuding with my computer

Marilyn Rogers-Bull & Percyby Marilyn Rogers-Bull & Percy
Solon, Maine 04979

Sorry I haven’t had anything in the paper for a few weeks, I have been feuding with this computer, big time, so I am crossing my fingers, and praying that it goes this week!

When I wrote one of the columns, I think the following news didn’t get in about a couple of items from the Solon Elementary School. Bus questions or concerns? If you have general questions or concerns? If you have general questions about busing, please call our transportation Director Lorie Agren at 431-8812. When your children are on the bus and you have concerns about pick-up or drop-off, please call Bonnie White in the morning at 696-3100 or Candy LeBeau in the afternoon at 635-2209, and they can radio the bus driver.

Staff member in new position is Mrs. Amanda Deleonardis who has moved from her position as a Title I ed tech to a teaching position as a learning interventionist at our school. This new position, funded by coronavirus relief funds, provides us with more support for students needing interventions in literacy and math to help them to be successful.

I am pretty sure that I might have sent this before, but just to be sure, it is: Need a Christmas present? Please order by November 15 to allow for timely delivery as there are delays with USPS. Contact Emily Quint 635-2231

The following are for sale: Embden Town of Yore book, $40 ( +$ 5.50 if shipping is necessary) Original price was $60; South of Lost Nation book with Index $20 ($4.50 if shipping is necessary) South of Lost Nation ( Index only $3 ( $4 if shipping is necessary) Afghans (2004 Bicentennial) $25. ( +$9++ if shipping necessary) Embden Map (Historical) $2 + shipping, and Embden Map ( Streets and Roads) $ 2) .

The above is all the recent news that I could round up. I did start up the “teacher-less painting club a month ago at the Skowhegan Adult Ed classes, several people have asked how many years I have been doing that. I really don’t know for sure but I found some information on a poster I had made about that club. It was an article I had written for The Town Line back on April 13, 2006, with a picture they had taken of club members at that time. That was a meeting when we were going to come up with a name for this club, so it has been going on for some time before that. I came up with the crazy idea of calling it a teacher-less-painting club. When I arrived the first night I was given the attendants folder with M. Rogers, “Instructor” on the cover. The first night those who attended were, Suzanne Currier , Shirley Foxwell, Linda Sullivan, Gerda Pilz Betty Dow, Dana Hall, Linwood Turcotte, Peter Foxwell and me. There have been many, many wonderful painters and friends that I have met over those 15 years and I hope they have enjoyed it as well.

The times have changed so much in the last few years and when I started going through old newspapers it was very evident. There used to be so much local news about what everyone was doing, etc., but that has all changed. I still enjoy trying to find different things to write about…… and when I found this old, old letter that I received back in 2007, it made me feel really good. It is from Ron Colby, a person I had never met, and still have not. He wrote, “Hi Marilyn, My name is Ron Quimby, I live in China, Maine. I am married and have a 14-year-old daughter who attends Erskine Academy. I wanted to write to let you know that I love all of your articles in The Town Line. I work at China Middle School and at a store at the head of China Lake. I always grab a paper as soon as it is delivered to our store and look for the Somerset County News where I know I’ll see an article from you and Percy, too. I enjoy all your news from the Solon area. You are a very interesting person and I hope you keep writing for a long time. Keep up the good work! Thank you. Ron Quimby.”

I was very pleased when I came across that old letter and if he is still reading my columns, as I hope he does (when I get the best of this machine of mine and it gets printed). My many, many Thank you goes out to Ron Quimby.


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