Trash Talk: Barrel for plastic bags will no longer be available

by Irene Belanger

There is a lot going on at the China Transfer Station:

ALERT! Effective March 1, 2019, and until further notice, there will no longer be a barrel in the recycle building for plastic bags. The current very low and non-existent market has determined this. But you can reuse them for waste basket liners, cleaning your vehicle of unnecessary wrappers, etc. Then toss them in the hopper with the rest of your trash. Thank you all for helping. Hannaford has a container for their empty bags and Wal-Mart has boxes in their entries for any plastic bags, as well as pellet bags. This is taking stewardship.

Also, thank you to the ladies who have volunteered through the China For A Lifetime Committee to help keep the “Free For Taking” building in better order; we don’t want to lose this amenity. It’s a tall order during the cold months.

It would help immensely if everyone dropping off “good stuff” would bring it in clean. Glass and plastic items: please no dirt and moldy dried-on food.There was a time when some of us would take lots of dirty items home to wash/clean them and bring them back for someone to give them a new home.

Only clean clothes, shoes, pocketbooks can go into the “Apparent Impact Container.” Thank you for doing good.

Absolutely no electronics are to go into the “Free For Taking” building. If you have toasters, TVs, small ovens, mixers, etc., please find an attendant and they will happily help you place them where they belong. If they are clean and still work, let them know.

Don’t forget we also have a paint section. We also take any and all clean cardboard.

The China Transfer Station has a very good reputation state-side due to the great job the staff does. Please give them a thank you.

Trash has become a big deal and very complex. We thank the residents for helping us to reuse, recycle resource. The staff goes for all training made available.

The compost is working even in the winter. Think spring! There will be lots of good compost ready for you for free for your garden.

We appreciate you all! Stay warm and safe.


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