SOLON & BEYOND: Surprise! CMP reimbursement check arrives in the mail

Marilyn Rogers-Bull & Percyby Marilyn Rogers-Bull & Percy
Solon, Maine 04979

Good morning my friends, don’t worry, be happy!

This is one of those weeks when I don’t have any real news to share, but I came across an old clipping (way back in 1988, when I was writing for the Skowhegan Reporter, and my byline back then was, Solon “The friendliest town in the state”). This particular column started, “After writing this column for over six years, some weeks I am hard put to think of something amusing or uplifting to share with you. Such was the case this week and then lo and behold on Saturday what should I find in my mail but an official looking letter from Central Maine Power Co. My heart skipped a beat and I opened it with trepidation because when I get riled over “the principle of the thing” I’m apt to get a bit sassy!

Anyway, inside, much to my wondering eyes, was a check for $48.73; this was the $50 deposit that I was told I couldn’t get back until 1993! They had added on $1.74 in interest and subtracted $2.74 for final bill, there is something very final about “final bill,” but keep in mind to run an air conditioner, sewing machine and a light bulb or two. Now whether this was one of those miracles that sometimes happen in my life or “the power of the press,” either way it did me a world of good and I had to share it with all of you.

Another thing in that same column was a picture of a pig with babies, and the head line, “And this little piggy went to Solon,” Linwood Tuscan, of Solon, got a surprise recently with eight piglets, the first litter from his sow.

In between all of that in this cut out column was lots of history that you don’t see any more (which bothers me, because it is hard to get personal news now, because of privacy matters). I’m going to print some of the old news that was in that column: “The Solon Extension will meet at the Firehall on Thursday, October 13, at 10:30 a.m., for the meeting entitled “What is U.M.C.E.S.?” This will be led by Ruby Gates, and the dinner will be in charge of the Bingham ladies. Another one is as follows: Officials From Solon who attended the Annual Maine Municipal Association Convention in Augusta were selectmen, first, Judy Robertson, second, James Hills, third, Dana Hall and town clerk, treasurer, and tax collector , Mary Jackson and her assistant Barbara Fish. Mary and Barbara stayed in Augusta for the three-day convention.

At the end of that column, also under the pig picture, were these words: ” Brings back memories of the pig rodeos we used to hold in Flagstaff on my uncle’s farm. My mother tried to bring me up to be a lady but probably because I was the littlest, I always got elected to ride the pigs. (Of course, she didn’t know about all of this until afterwards!)

I did get an e-mail about the Weston Woods is a 275-acre forest that has been part of the Weston Homestead of Madison for nearly 250 years. The classically-designed Federalist home, built in 1817, remains in nearly its original condition. The 55 acres of farmland with a mile of frontage on the Kennebec River is actively farmed and protected into perpetuity under an agricultural easement held by Maine Farmland Trust. The pristine forest remains to be protected and SWT holds an option to purchase, We have raised nearly half of the asking price but need your help.

Another little skrid of paper I found near my computer this morning is a good one for Percy’s memoir: “Never Be Discouraged: If we refuse to be discouraged and trust God’s Guiding Hand… So take heart and meet each minute with Faith in God’s Great Love, Aware that every day of life is controlled by God ‘s Great Love, Aware that every day of life is controlled by God Above… And never dread Tomorrow or what the Future brings, Just pray for strength and courage and trust God in all things… And never grow discouraged be patient and just wait For God never comes too early and He Never Comes Too Late!” (words by Helen Steiner Rice.)


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