VA CORNER: New blog available for veterans questions

Photo credit: The Veterans Blog.

Gary Kennedyby Gary Kennedy

For those of you who aren’t aware we have a new “BLOG SITE”. On your computer or smartphone if you put in our Blog address,, then we will be able to answer your questions very quickly.

For those of you who need help with a claim we would be happy to take a look and offer our opinion/advise on the matter. I have heard many of you say that you have applied for VA medical help and were turned down. Well, that happens to many Vets who have applied for benefits for the first time; sometimes even the second time. I notice that some make application without having the assistance of a veterans advocate. Well, that is a sort of like going into a court room without a lawyer. Don’t go it alone; don’t try to be your own doctor or lawyer; your chances of success will be very slim to nothing. Also, you will be just mudding up the water so to speak, for future claims. Once you have lost, the information you supplied becomes used and can’t be revisited unless you have “new and material” evidence to add to it. It is much wiser to go into the system with a veteran’s representative with you. Veteran’s representatives have been doing these things for many years and have been well trained. Also, we have volunteers such as myself who can look at your problem and help guide you through the process.

For those of you who would like just to be heard, you can write an article for print or just give your opinion on a particular VA related situation. Keep in mind if you would like to discuss something it must be tasteful and to the point. Freedom of speech goes only so far. If your article is too long then it probably won’t fit in the paper.

God bless.


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