VETERANS CORNER: Veterans who qualify should contact the VA for vaccine appointments

Veterans Administration facility at Togus. (Internet photo)

by Gary Kennedy

Well here we are again. Most of us especially veterans thought it would be over in Washington by now but much to our dismay politicians are still planning and plotting ways to get the upper hand in one way or another. The Biden entrance exam is under way with stimulus that makes some of us lust and others to drool for more. It seems the big issue is does a previous $600 stimulus plus a new $1,400 stimulus add up to the $2,000, some believe promised, of course, the debt accrual over the long haul is not being considered. Some don’t even care; just give me the money. There is no easy way to give a stimulus to those in need only. There are many people of means who will receive and keep that money as well. Of course, taxes have to go up and some programs have to be shutdown. Veterans watch this very closely as they know what can happen when the country and world are placed in desperate situations.

In case you haven’t been watching the world has been mobilizing while we play partisan politics; a dangerous oversight of reality, I use veterans in particular as they are always on alert when it comes to threats to our country. So if you haven’t been paying meaningful attention there are powers that be out there that are mobilizing in a very serious way. We should be hanging our head is shame. In our arrogance we boast world superiority when it comes to military might. We shouldn’t be so careless. India has just purchased 80 fighter aircraft from the Russians. That’s a lot of sky power. Iran says they can go nuclear now. We thought we had N. Korea at bay but we are finding out that they may have purchased nuclear weapons instead of making them. China has built a powerful base in the Sprattle Islets which actually belongs to the Philippines, but President Duterte says, “what can I do?” The Chinese are too powerful to argue with. Taiwan is a target of China which we need to defend and it seems that the agreement between England and Hong Kong has been broken. If we throw in the Covid-19 problem we are super extended. Who will side with us when all is said and done? It seems we aren’t loved nor feared as once was the case. We might need the second amendment.

Then in all of this we have the President Trump report card. The political parties argue over how much he did and how much can others claim. We are still trying for the second time to impeach. I personally am ashamed of what we have become. I pray that we get it straight soon. The politicians are now fighting over who gets the credit for the vaccine. It hasn’t been given out fast enough some are saying. I heard on the news this morning that one of the western states and Florida are the best states for distribution. I would argue with that as I have been watching Maine and especially the VA Center at Togus Maine which has been giving thousands of doses of Moderna out already.

The caregivers at Togus are complete and many elderly with comorbidities have received the vaccine. There have been lines for two weeks, many elderly vets have been called and appointments given. If you are elderly, especially with comorbidities and you haven’t been called then you need to contact your primary caregivers’ office. Obviously, the vaccine is given out in the order of established need. If you’re a veteran contact the VA center at 623-8411 and push “0”. Ask for advice on vaccine. If you are 100 percent disabled with other serious issues, waste no time.

God bless you and yours and a little extra for bringing us together.

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