Youngest female to achieve black belt at Huard’s Martial Arts Dojo

Huard’s Martial Arts founder Kancho Randy Huard, right, with 15-year-old student Abby Dudley, who became the youngest female to achieve black belt status at Huard’s Martial Arts. (photo by Mark Huard)

by Mark Huard

Abigail Dudley, 15, of Winslow, entered the Huard’s Martial Arts Dojo, in Winslow, for the first time at the age of four. She was already enrolled in dance lessons and her parents thought this would be a great additional activity. A goal of her parents was to raise a child that could defend herself and be independent and confident. Shortly after starting classes, Abigail started competing in Sport karate competitions on the SMART and IPPONE Tournament Circuits.

Abigail is a natural born competitor and from a very early age has taken pride in earning her awards and working hard for each level she moves up. Her parents fostered a strong work ethic and a focus on improving her technical abilities. As she got older, Abigail enjoyed the traveling. This journey eventually took her to the Krane Karate Circuit and NASKA Circuit. This took her all over New England. She loved the competition.

As she continued to compete and branch out into other tournaments, she found her drive and desire to be the best she could be. Abigail consistently strives to improve on her performance and reach her own personal bests. Through the COVID pandemic, Abigail competed in several virtual tournaments. She was able to achieve the rank of World and National Champion on these virtual circuits. This required Abigail to maintain her own motivation to practice and improve on her own . Recently she also achieved the great honor of being the youngest female to achieve a Black Belt in the 55-year history of Huard’s Martial Arts.

Abigail now joins the ranks of the black belt fellowship at her dojo. Her journey has now just begun and the training truly takes a different form. She is a role model to other young martial artists. She maintains high honors in her high school courses and conducts herself inside and out of the dojo with honor and dignity.

Abigail has worked hard to get where she is and has endless possibilities as she moves forward on her journey.

It’s a great journey being a martial artist and becoming a young black belt. And now even at a young age it’s a wonderful chance to give back to her school and the students of Huard’s Martial Arts. There is no doubt the younger disciples will look up to her.


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