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GARDEN WORKS: Ode to a woodchuck

by Emily Cates I’ve got me a whistle pig, what should I do? Make him my friend, or put him in a stew? Groundhog. Woodchuck. Gopher. Whistle Pig. Who can deny the feelings of angst a gardener feels upon hearing these names or spotting one anywhere near the garden? Marmota monax – as it is […]

The goat farmer who grabs life by the horns

by Emily Cates Can farming save a life? Is there redemption in working with one’s hands and caring for Earth’s creatures? The answer to these questions may be found in the life and experiences of an apprentice at a local farm right here in China, Maine. This past December, I had the privilege of meeting […]

GARDEN WORKS: Livestock and the Garden

How they can benefit each other by Emily Cates Usually when most folks think of animals in the garden, it worries them. After all, who wants their veggie patch trampled and eaten, with fresh poop in its place? While I would shudder to think of that as the outcome, it is possible for both garden […]