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GARDEN WORKS: Are you buried in veggies? Part 1

by Emily Cates How to enjoy an abundant harvest without wasting it Does this sound familiar? The intentions were innocent, artfully combined, and dutifully cared for: A few rows of fine, well-prepared garden soil, a few wheel barrelfuls of rich compost, a few packets of seeds, and the gentle stream of water from the watering […]

GARDEN WORKS: Exciting times in the garden

by Emily Cates This time of year is buzzing with possibilities! The last spring frost of the year most likely has passed us by, clearing the way for warm-weather plantings. And although it’s a bit on the late side for trees, shrubs, and peas, we can be sure to plant greens, cole crops, cover crops, […]

GARDEN WORKS: Getting through times of change

Advice from a survivor of WWII by Emily Cates Well, folks, I was planning on writing another article in my series about good finds from seed catalogs, but with everything happening with COVID-19, I figured it would be prudent to write about something more relevant. In this new era of uncertainty and social distancing, many […]