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GARDEN WORKS: A garden on your countertop

by Emily Cates Growing fresh, delicious, nutritious sprouts for the winter table Brrr! I don’t know about you, but the most I’m getting out of my garden right now is icicles. Wouldn’t it be nice to grow something fresh and green? Is it even possible when it’s so cold outside? Enter sprouts, the superheroes of […]

GARDEN WORKS: Winter time hints to calm the chill

by Emily Cates The cold winter winds dance along the frozen landscape, whispering their secrets to the trees swaying to the beat of a timeless song of the season. Shaking the snow from their limbs, they remind me of slow-motion pets stepping inside to dry off, throwing wet snowflakes in every direction. (Of course, I […]

GARDEN WORKS: Wrapping up for winter

by Emily Cates Are we ready for Old Man Winter? We should be, since Mother Nature seems to be making up her mind that she’s here! Many opportunities in the garden like digging and planting are lost when the ground freezes. The good news, though, is there may be a little time left for winterizing […]