Carrabec High School third quarter honor roll spring 2018

Grade 12

High honors: Jacob Atwood, Elizabeth Barker, Cyli Bolduc, Kelsey Creamer, Bailey Dunphy, Ariana-Lee Dunton, Emilee Fortier, Michael Hargreaves, Katrina Mason, Sierra Turcotte; Honors:  Kaitlin Dixon, Patrick Dube, Mackenzie Edes, Courtney Fuller, Evan Holzworth, Sage James, Jackson Lawler-Sidell, Samantha LeBeau, Jazmin Luthy, Peter McAnistan, Kiara Pinkham, Hayley Taylor, Dylan Willette.

Grade 11

High honors:  Tristan Bachelder; Honors: Lilyana Aloes, Lillian Johnson, Lauren Rafferty, Sidney Small, Taegan Tatakis, Makayla Vicneire.

Grade 10

High honors:  Annika Carey, Scott Mason, Abby Richardson; Honors: Cassidy Ayotte, Caitlin Crawford, Shay Cyrway, Caroline Decker, Olivia Fortier, Paige Giroux, Madison Jaros, Dylan Leach, Laney Murray, Jasmyne Pray, Cheyenne Sirois.

Grade 9

High honors: Sarah Olson; Honors: Jasmyne Coombs, Sierra Corson, Lilith Frith, Ethan Johnson, Chantelle LaCroix, Adam Lawrence, Mikayla Oliver, Emily Riggs, Dimitri Turcotte.

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