I’M JUST CURIOUS: Multi-purpose items

by Debbie Walker

There are a lot of items now that it seems have multiple purposes. My question is “exactly how were these uses for items discovered?”

One item on my uses list for Coke Cola (and store brand cola) is giving a scrapbook page a vintage look. Apply a few drops to a copy of a photo or document, pat, let dry and ta-da an “old” photo. So … someone tipped a glass over, quickly wiped it off and “Oh My look what happened.” Making pennies shiny was probably a similar situation.

Shiny hair – after spilling on your hair (or dog’s hair) and rinsing off would I notice it was shinier? Supposedly you can de-gum hair by soaking the area in Coke for a few minutes and rinse.

Have you ever defrosted your windshield or washed a home window using Coke? Gargling with Coke for a sore throat; why not just drink it? Soaking a steak covered in Coke to tenderize (I could probably follow that recipe for a marinade!)

How exactly do we go from recipes to cleaning off battery terminals and rust from bumpers or to clean toilets (that didn’t work for me!).

Now, I am moving onto uses of toothpaste. I have used toothpaste to patch a hole in a wall and then moved. I hope it worked. However, I never thought of using it to clean the underside of my fingernails. From feet to teeth, who would have thunk it!

Have you seen the kits to clean headlights? Toothpaste can be used to clean them. But are they talking about the actual bulb or the cover? Anyone know?

Ever get stains and smells in plastic ware? Toothpaste clean. Get garlic and onion smells (etc?) off your hands. Toothpaste clean. Clean off your sticky iron base (if you still have one!). Scuff marks on wood floors. Toothpaste clean. Erase crayon marks from walls. Toothpaste clean.

I had not even heard the term Witch Hazel since I was a young girl. My great-grandmother used it but I was too young to remember for what purpose. Then I saw uses for it in Woman’s World magazine. Yes, I now have a bottle. Soo…..

Declump (new word) nail polish by adding a few drops and stir. Window cleaner – use one cup witch hazel, one cup water and a few drops of dish soap. Spray on glass.

Poison ivy – soak paper towel in witch hazel and dab on itch. Mosquito bites – 1 cup of witch hazel, one cup of water and 20 drops scented essential oil in spray bottle. Might be a good one?

For the last hint: Need a cool nights sleep? Think I will try this one: fill a hot water bottle with equal parts water and rubbing alcohol, freeze it, lay a dish towel over it and slide into pillowcase on top of pillow. The liquids should turn into a very cold slush. Maybe, who knows.

I am just curious who and what happened to the person who discovered using Preparation H for bags under their eyes? Contact me a dwdaffy@yahoo.com. Thanks for reading and don’t forget that we have a website and archives thanks to Eric!


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