Area roads earmarked for improvements in 2020-21

by Roland D. Hallee

The Maine Department of Transportation has announced plans for road improvements in the China – Vassalboro – Winslow area, in 2020-2021.

For 2020, the work will include Rte. 137, from China to Winslow, with the work to begin at Rte. 202 and extending west 6.14 miles to Rte. 137B, then extend north 1.04 miles to Rte. 201. This will include overlay.

From China to Vassalboro, along the Neck Rd., Webber Pond Rd., Bog Rd., and Stanley Hill Road. That will begin 1.39 miles north of Village Street and extend north 5.65 miles to 1.14 miles north of the Gray Road. And beginning 0.21 of a mile north of Preble Hill Rd. and extending north 2.4 miles to Timber Oaks Dr. This will include highway rehabilitation.

In China, Rte. 202, a large culvert improvement located .17 of a mile north of the south intersection of Pond Rd.

Vassalboro, Rte. 32, beginning 1.14 miles north of Gray Road and extending north .73 of a mile. Includes highway rehabilitation.

In 2021, the Stanley Hill Rd., in China and Vassalboro, beginning .02 of a mile from Rte. 32 and extending east 6.21 miles. This will include a light capital paving.

Oak Grove Rd., Vassalboro, beginning at Rte. 201 and extending northeast 3.12 miles to Rte. 32, light capital paving.

In Vassalboro, Webber Pond and Bog roads, beginning at Rte. 201 and extending northeast 8.03 miles to Rte. 32.

Stanley Hill Road, beginning .02 of a mile from Rte. 32 and extending east 6.21 miles, light capital paving.

The local roads assistance in China for fiscal year 2020 will be $54,896.

The department reported maintenance accomplishments in 2019, specifically recorded to China, that included six drainage structures cleaned; 4.6 miles of shoulder repair; 81.7 miles of shoulder mowing; one bridge washed; 1,449 linear feet of backhoe ditching; 205 miles of striping applied; 92.9 miles of shoulder herbicide applied; 13.8 tons of patch applied; five tons of shim applied.

Also, 13 trees removed; one emergency event response; 154 linear feet of guardrail or fence maintained; 1,722.6 tons of hot mix paving; two drainage structures intalled or replaced; 21.4 miles of litter and debris removed; 12.9 miles of shoulder graded; 452 square feet of pavement legend applied; one underwater inspection performed; 896 linear feet of shoulder rebuilt; 54.3 miles of shoulder sweeping; and six person hours of traffic signal maintenance.

Local road assistance to Vassalboro for fiscal year 2020 is $66,916.

Maintenance accomplishments specific to Vassalboro in 2019 included: 34.8 miles of shoulder litter and debris removal; one emergency event response; 32 linear feet of bridge joints repaired or replaced; 25.1 miles of striping applied; 4,292 linear feet of shoulder rebuilt; 58.5 shoulder miles of sweeping; 205 linear feet of backhoe ditching; seven drainage structures installed or replaced; 57 miles of shoulder mowing; four bridges washed; 22 trees removed.

Also, five tons of shim applied; two drainage structures cleaned; 16 miles of shoulder graded; 265 linear feet of bridge rail repaired or replaced; 13.6 tons of patch applied; and 34.8 shoulder miles of herbicide applied.


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