Torch is passed at historic Albion institution

Harry Yeaton and Shawn Esler

Harry Yeaton, above, has owned and operated Yeaton’s Service and Supply, on Main St., in Albion, for 69 years. On September 30, he transferred ownership to Shawn Esler, also of Albion. The Albion Lions Club recently presented Harry with a certificate of appreciation for his generosity to the club over the years. Esler is also a firefighter/EMT and captain on the Waterville Fire Department, and deputy chief on the Albion Fire Department. Pictured with Harry is his sister, Betsy, also of Albion.
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Albion Neighborhood News, Week of September 22, 2016

by Mary Lee Rounds

Seventy years in business. How many people can lay claim to that? The only one I know is Harry Yeaton, of Albion.  When Harry came back from his service time after World War II, he took over his father’s  business and built it into the store it is today.  Making the decision to retire  when he found a buyer of whom he approved, sometimes can delay things.  Shawn Essler, of Albion, proved to be that person.   Harry is planning on covering the store for the two days Shawn will be working at his regular job in Winslow.  The name, phone number, P.O. Box  number of the store will remain the same.

What will Harry do when he is not at the store people are asking?  He says “he has plenty of odd jobs to do at home.”   I am sure he will be missed  and he will miss the people on a daily basis.  I live within site of Yeaton’s store, but until I stood there talking with him, I never realized how busy he really is.  There are the regulars and then  there is one that comes to get a treat.  Harry has a special visitor everyday who stops by to pick up his daily ration of part of a peanut butter sandwich.  A white ball of fluff that also wants his dog biscuits that Harry holds between his teeth for him to take.  I think they will both miss each other.  But most of all we all will miss Harry behind the counter every day.

Worcester Polytechnic Institute announces spring dean’s list

The following local residents were among 1,292 students from Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI) named to the university’s dean’s list for academic excellence for the spring 2016 semester, in Worcester, Massachusetts.

Mikayla Bolduc, of Skowhegan, is a member of the class of 2017 majoring in biomedical engineering.

Madison Michaud, of Vassalboro, is a member of the class of 2019 majoring in biomedical engineering.

Julia Pershken, of Albion, is a member of the class of 2017 majoring in civil engineering.

Albion Neighborhood News, Week of August 18, 2016

by Mary Lee Rounds

The end of the Summer Reading Program will be celebrated with a story, music, ice cream party at the library on Tuesday, August 23, at 2 p.m.

Special guest will be Deanna Sawtelle playing the guitar.

Children have been reading and logging the books they have read.      The Albion Public Library has received  a copy of Hussey Road Neighborhood: Albion Corner & Environs 1850-1950.  This has been compiled and composed by former Albion resident, Alice McKiel Hyerstay.

This is a very complete study of the Hussey Road neighborhood, the people and properties, over a period of 100 years.

At the request of Mrs. Hyerstay, the material may not be removed from the library.  Pages may, however, be copied.

I think you will enjoy it!  Look for it in the MAINE collection.

A reminder for those who order books through  Please type Amazon Smile Program in the search bar when you open Amazon, then select Albion Public Library as your choice (or choose any worthy charity).  Whenever you start from Amazon Smile, the library will receive a donation at no cost to you.

The library is truly grateful for the support given annually by the town and its generous friends.

Thank you to whomever mowed the lawn at the prior Maxine Jones house. Many people expressed concern over how “seedy” the place was beginning to look.  It may seem like a small thing, but people notice.

We finally have rain, a little late for many gardens, and Fall is on its way.  Children in some other states  have already started school.

Please,  those of you who pass against the lines, especially on the Albion to Benton Road,  remember, soon the children will be standing out waiting for the buses.  If you don’t care about yourself being in the wrong lane with oncoming traffic, think of the children.  They are out there early many days.

Albion Neighborhood News, Week of August 4, 2016

by Mary Lee Rounds

Busy weekend in Albion. All of the pageantry leading up  to field day with the selection of the queen/princess of field day, the parade,  auction, chicken barbeque, other food sales, lawn sale items and games for kids filled much of the week.

It is my understanding there will be more available about the winners, etc., next week so I will hold off on it and give you all more then with  pictures hopefully.

It has been a hot sultry summer, wells are drying, gardens are dying and I have never seen such lawns as brown as this. Even those nice lawns in the past are brown.  I think we need to pray for rain or get a rainmaker to come to town.  I have watched storms go both sides of the ridge and never deliver us a drop.  That also happened when we first moved here around 30 years ago.  Let’s hope for a long slow ground soaking rain.

Have a great week, stay cool and hydrated.

Albion Neighborhood News, Week of July 21, 2016

by Mary Lee Rounds

Summer…Picnics, ants, swimming at the old swimming hole, pool, lake or ocean and seeing friends who have been in warmer weather all winter. You give them back their “in case of an emergency” key and go on with your life.

Recently, we took a cruise to Bermuda. I had four months to prepare for it, thought I was ready, then discovered the day was upon me.  Carefully throwing things into my suitcase as well as taking all the shoes  I would need, my feet hurt a lot,  I change shoes  frequently and off we went.  Standing at the ship, preparing to get on I reached for my non-existent passport.  (Being one to follow instructions, I had made a photocopy of it and left the  original in the copier. They won’t recognize a copy, so why bother?)  The very nice lady asked me if I had my birth certificate.  How many of you have your birth certificate on your person in case you forget your passport?  Unfortunately, I didn’t, and she could not let me on board the ship.  Three people were standing there looking at me, I told my husband to go as the money was already spent and I would go to my  cousins on “The Cape.” The answer was no. Then the woman said if you had been born anywhere in Massachusetts you could go over about two blocks and get your birth certificate and I can let you on.  My answer:  How about 1944 Boston???  She told me where to get the taxi, called ahead to vital statistics, let me right on when I got back and walked me through all of the security lines, saying “this is the one who forgot her passport.”  Imagine the surprise of my traveling group who I met on their way to the rooms at the elevator.  The rest of the trip was quite uneventful and enjoyable.

Mrs. Crosby’s house between the Besse Building and Post Office has been purchased by Laura and Joe Strohman. It was becoming quite the  eye sore in town. Now the lawn and field have been cut, renovations are occurring inside with as many original style wood, doors, etc., as possible.   Many other improvements have been planned. Hats off to the Strohman’s. Rumor has it there are other changes on the way to Main Street, hopefully making it a more inviting place for people to recognize it as a town they might like to reside in.

Johnny’s has turned those fields on the flat into gardens. They are a wonderful business and keeping the area very clean.  Roads are getting patched which makes for a much better ride. Even the state is hot topping the road to Belfast.

Hopefully, I have caught up from the last 2 weeks.

Have a wonderful rest of July.

Albion Neighborhood News – Week of June 30, 2016

by Mary Lee Rounds

Albion 2016 Field Day events  July 28-July 30.

July 28, 2016 will be a fun filled search for a Queen or Princess of the Field Day. Girls age 7-12  (need minimum of five contestants); or girls 7-9 for Princess and 10-12 for Queen. Dressy casual clothes,( please no gowns) must have a minimum of three contestants in each category  Must be  Albion residents or attend Albion Elementary School.  Please remember this is not a beauty contest but is based on stage presence, public speaking and talent. There will be prizes.  More information can be obtained from Sue Stevens at 649-4293 or stevens129@  Deadline for participants to sign up is July 4.

Field Day begins with the Albion Lion’s Club Fun Run at 9:30 a.m. Saturday, behind the elementary school.  One mile walk or run; Free T-shirts to all who register before July 10. Trophies  for male and female K-8. First place for male and female – overall. Ribbons to all participants.  Entry fee is $8 per runner. Checks made out to the Albion Lion’s Club need to be sent to Cindy Drake, 116 Crosby Rd., Albion, ME 04910. Please arrive early. Registration forms  can be obtained from Cindy at 437-2445.

The parade begins at 10:30 a.m. on the Hussey Road and will proceed down Main Street. The field behind the Besse Building and beside the fire station will have its activities following the parade at approximately 11 a.m.

Activities will consist of: a cash raffle, chicken barbecue, hot dogs, fries ,an auction, beano, white elephant tables and whoopie pies, children’s games. There will be a white elephant table and the Lion’s Club auction.

Come see what else there is this year. If you have items for the auction and need a pick up of the items; call Hilton Drake 437 -2445, Leonard Dow 437-4151 or Gail Drake 437-4461;100 percent proceeds to charity.

No air conditioners, dehumidifiers, appliances, tires, propane tanks, TVs, computer monitors, paint, etc.  If you can not get rid of it, neither can we!  The auction begins at 11:30 a.m.

The Albion Highway department is doing a good job and should be commended for their work.  The East Benton Road is much better than it had been and I understand other roads have also had some repairs done.  Thumbs up!

There will be no column from me the week of July 4. I hope you all have a great day celebrating the independence of this country.