Every day is Mothers Day

GardenWorksHow you made it through bringing the four of us kids and dad up with any sanity left is amazing to me. I know each one of us with our own little unique personalities made for a lot of challenging events for your life. You weathered us well.

And yes, I included dad as another child because as most women realize men stay children much longer than women. If anyone disagrees with me they only have to try talking on a phone (they think their needs come first just as kids do) or have their husband become ill (so much for the stronger sex theory!).
Most of us women don’t even realize the strength of our mothers until we become mothers ourselves. Then that respect only gets stronger the older we get.

Mothers have so many hats to wear in one day; the hats have to be stacked one on top of the other. Gees, where do you start? Let’s see: cooks, cleaners, laundry woman (I want my pink top, why didn’t you wash it? Answer: Would it be because it’s on the bottom of your closet instead of the laundry hamper?), taxi, doctor, nurse, maid, organizer, counselor (I love him so much, mom, I’ll never get over him!), teacher for everything from eating, talking, shoe tying, etc. Oh yeah, and more than likely all of this while you’re responsible for another full time job outside the home.

When the kids grow up and leave home (if you’re lucky) the teaching doesn’t end there. Yes, we learned a lot growing up but even then you are still teaching us through our questions (See now we realize how smart you are!) about our own homes, spouses and children (your precious, over-active grandchildren!). Then, when we become grandparents’ there are still times when we look to you for guidance.

Of course all these years you were teaching us about life (Life 101) by your example. We (hopefully) learned how to multi-task (sick kid on the hip and still doing laundry and cooking dinner!). Tough times you showed us by example how to suck-it-up and keep putting one foot in front of the other and work our way through them.

Naturally we don’t realize until we have children of our own, how much pain a mother can endure. See, we never realized how every time we were hurt physically or emotionally you were hurting right along with us. It’s not until we are much older we realize that never does change.

There is no way to put on paper all the things we have to be grateful for in our lives with you. One day of attention a year (courtesy of another Hallmark holiday) just is not enough to show you that we really have learned and we do finally, really appreciate you.

Still every day, even now mom you are teaching me how to breeze through growing older. The difference is hopefully I’m smarter now and I pay attention to every little detail! I guess once you become a mom, you are always a mom is really true.

I’m so glad you are my mom and I know I speak for Blake, Lyn, Pete, your grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

You are so loved and appreciated.

I’m just curious if you all believe like I do that Mothers Day and Fathers Day should be much more than a Hallmark Holiday once a year. Contact me at dwdaffy@yahoo.com.


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