Golden Agers seniors enjoy Wednesday gatherings in China

by Roberta R. Barnes

Wednesday mornings from 10 a.m. to noon, parking spaces are limited at the China town office even though the town office is closed on Wednesdays. Once used basically for voting, now on Wednesday mornings the accessible portable building behind the town office is where some people go for fun.

Once COVID was under control and most people stopped wearing masks, China’s Town Manager, Rebecca Hapgood, began focusing on the section of the community that had been stuck at home for far too long.

Pre-school to college/university students were back to interacting with other people. Many employees switched from working at home to interacting with other people in their workplace. Nevertheless, many of those people in the chapter of their life that fit into the retirement slot were still cooped up at home. We might expect chickens to be cooped up, but not people. People can have amazing stories to tell and exciting things to share with other people.

To help get this part of the community interacting with others the voting booths in the accessible portable building were moved into the town garage. Tables and chairs were set up to form the senior citizens’ club that would meet each Wednesday. As more people joined the club by contacting the China town office at 207-445-2014 opt 3, club members changed the name to Golden Agers. One of the officials at the China town office even designed the image for the Golden Agers T-shirt.

Books can even be read by candlelight, and with all of today’s technology there are dozens of ways to entertain yourself. On the other hand, there is this little zing that happens when you tell others about that part of a book or a movie that made you laugh or jump out of your seat.

Pets and wildlife can be fun to watch, and they are the perfect listeners for life’s secrets. Nevertheless, they do not communicate in the same way as people. If you want a reaction that mirrors the amazement you experienced when you saw that huge horned owl outside your bedroom window, it’s best to communicate with a person.

Joining the China Golden Agers is easy, and it gives you the opportunity to interact with others in various ways. Once you call the town office to join, your name is put on the Golden Agers list. Being on that list enables you to play bingo, cribbage, other card games, talk, and eat snacks on Wednesday mornings. Public officials also drop by and make themselves available to listen to any questions, comments, or concerns anyone might have about the community.

Last Wednesday Deputy Poulin of the Kennebec Sheriff’s Office gladly took time to step away from the bingo tables and talk to me. While I did not see anyone else asking him questions, deputies regularly drop in to listen and show their support for the community.

I also spoke with town officials who dropped by to show their support, as well as a handsome service therapy dog. All officials were/are open to listening, and responding if needed, to questions, comments, or concerns about the community.

When you call the China town office and join the Golden Agers club you will not be limited to Wednesday morning’s games, fun and talking. The Golden Agers travel as a group to enjoy such things as train rides and being part of Cyr NorthStar bus tours. Beyond all the pluses of being part of a group such as the Golden Agers, the cost per person is usually less than for an individual.

As I talked with members of the club, I heard they had already enjoyed events such as Unity Train Ride and the Fryeburg Fair. You can do all these things by yourself, but sharing in a group can create those extra good feelings that are beneficial to your mind and your body, or simply the whole of you.

One of the events the Golden Agers has planned is, as a group, to join in a cruise on Moosehead lake out of Greenville. As with most events early registration is required. If you have not already joined the Golden Agers it is best if you contact China Town Office today, join, and ask about registering for this cruise or the Cabbage Island clam bake, in Boothbay harbor.

When you call and join the Golden Agers you can discover the fun in being part of a group, chatting, laughing, and pointing out interesting things that you might otherwise have missed.


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