I’M JUST CURIOUS: A little fun with marital questions

by Debbie Walker

Yes, it’s another book I read this week! The title is Humor for a Woman’s Heart, and has 6-plus authors. When I read this one section, titled Fun Questions for Married Couples, I hoped you would enjoy it. This one section is authored by Bill and Pam Farrel. Enjoy the little quiz:

1. The recreational activity you most often do together is:

A. Bicycling; B. Bowling; C. Hunting for his keys

2. Choose a vacation spot! Which qualifications for a prime vacation spot would appeal to the husband, and which would appeal to the wife?

A. Quaint little shops; B. Golf, golf, golf ; C. Nice Restaurants; D. Big servings; E. Valet parking; F. Free parking; G. Room with a view; H. Room with a TV set; I. Elegant sunken tub; J. Reading matter in the bathroom.

3. TRUE OR FALSE: A vacuum cleaner makes an excellent anniversary gift?

TRUE: Provided you want this to be your last anniversary

4. STORY PROBLEM: John and Becky must leave their home by 6 p.m. in order to be on time for a dinner party. John starts to get ready at 5:55 p.m., so he can leave at 6 p.m. What time does Betty need to start getting ready in order to leave by 6 p.m.?

ANSWER: It makes no difference when Betty starts to get ready. She could start at 5 p.m., 4 p.m. or even 3 p.m… It doesn’t matter. She’s still going to be at least 20 minutes late.

5. (Husband Question): When your wife says, “Let’s not get each other Christmas presents this year,” it indicates:

A. Her desire to share with the less fortunate. B. Her thoughtful and realistic interest in the household budget. C. A test to see if you “love her enough” to forget the suggestion and “surprise” her with something you’ll be paying off until Columbus Day.

6. When a husband dons his almost-like-new coveralls and announces, “I’m going to work on the car,” you can almost bet that:

A. Soon, it will purr like a kitten. B. Soon, it will stop on a dime. C. Soon it will be towed to a nearby garage.

7. (Husband question): FILL IN THE BLANK: You can’t make an omelet without…:

A. Breaking some eggs. B. Reading a recipe. C. Hearing a lecture from your wife on the dangers of cholesterol.

8. Who is more likely to utter the following:

A. “What’s for supper?” Him or Her; B. “Have you seen my socks?” Him or Her; C. When are we leaving for church?” Him or Her; D. “Do you think I’ve gained weight?” Him or Her; E. “Where’s the television schedule?” Him or Her.

9. Before answering the question, “How do you like my new hairstyle?” what should a husband always remember?

A. His wife’s feelings are the most important thing. B. She may have spent hours in a salon to get it to look this way. C. The couch is lumpy, and when you sleep on it a spring pokes you in the back.

There are more questions, but I have run out of word space for this column.

I’m just curious if you would like to see the rest of the quiz. Let me know at DebbieWalker@townline.org . Hope this made you smile. Have a great, healthy week and thanks for reading.

P.S. Please take care of your outside animals. They can’t turn up the heat or put on a coat and gloves. They need you.


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