I’M JUST CURIOUS: Crazy December holidays

by Debbie Walker

This is the 12th month I have done the Crazy Holidays columns. I hope you got some fun out of them as I did. I haven’t decided yet what I will follow up with to use for the last week of the month. Do you have any ideas? Let me know what you might like for one week out of every month. I’ll be waiting.

Okay, here we are for the month of December 2019. Most people wouldn’t believe there are holidays other than Christmas for this month. If all the Christmas marketing hype has you somewhat frazzled, pick your own holiday to observe in your own way. Here are a few suggestions:

December 3: National Roof Over Your Head Day: Spend a few minutes of thoughtful appreciation for having a roof over your head. You might think of donating to something benefiting the homeless in your area.

December 5: Bathtub Party Day: Invite a friend (or spouse) to your bathtub party. Open a drink, light some candles and have some snacks within reach.

December 6: Mitten Tree Day: Set up a Christmas tree and have people bring in mittens to donate. This is popular in both schools and work.

December 7: Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day: Please do remember.

December 12: National Ding-A-Ling Day: You should beware of the people you encounter today. Even normally conservative people have been known to go a little a little crazy on this date. It’s a day to cut loose.

December 14: National Bouillabaisse Day: I must admit that I have never had bouillabaisse, nor do I intend to. I love our fish or seafood chowders; my sister’s is especially good. The French and folks around the Mediterranean have their version, I’ll keep ours!! I imagine a lot of families have different recipes.

December 16: National Chocolate Covered Everything Day: Ok this must be one of my favorite foods. On this day you should also share with others.

December 20: Go Caroling Day: You must be able to put together a small group of fun loving people who would be happy to put smiles on others faces. You don’t need to be an expert.

December 21: Look on the Bright Side Day: This day is the shortest day of the year but you only need to remember to look for the good in different aspects of the day.

December 23: Festivus – It’s for the Rest of Us: If you don’t celebrate Christmas, Chanukah, and Kwanza, and you don’t have a clue what Ramadan and Boxing Day are; Festivus might be just the holiday for you.

December 24: National Egg Nog Day: You may start your egg nog drinking on Christmas Eve but my family starts just before Thanksgiving and on through the holidays. Egg Nog is famous in our house also for nutrition if someone has been ill.

December 30: National Bicarbonate of Soda Day: The other name for this is baking soda. It can be used for baking, indigestion and heartburn, removes odors from kitty litter, as a fire extinguishers, cleaning product, and many more uses.

December 31: Make Up Your Mind Day: You can ‘make up your mind’ to rather you want to make any resolutions. Then make up your mind what those may be.

That ends the Crazy Holidays columns for the year. The replacement is going to be Different Uses for Regular Products for the year 2020. Hope you enjoyed the Crazy Holidays, if you missed any of them please check out the archives for, I’M JUST CURIOUS. Hope you have a great Thanksgiving!


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