I’M JUST CURIOUS: For my garden

by Debbie Walker

(Something a little different)

In the garden of my life there are many colored plants. I choose mine because of my attraction to their colors or combination of colors. I plant mostly perennials because they are always there, even when they are resting and waiting for the next blossoming period. Sometimes friendships are like that. You get to communicate regularly and then you don’t get to for a while but you still know your friend is there when you bloom again or when they do. Life gets in the way sometimes and we don’t always get to tend them as we should but when we can they will be right there where you knew they would be.

To grow a full and beautiful garden it takes a little gentle care, patience, love, attention and some understanding. You have to understand that things will happen and they will have to do their own thing from time to time. Sometimes no matter how closely you tend them a plant might look a little pale or tired no matter what you do to keep them tended and you may never really know why. But with patience they will usually return no worse for the wear and maybe sporting just a little different hue of color that will just add to the garden.

The perennial garden is the best because you don’t have to hover over the plants. You don’t have to worry about the weather affecting them, if it is rainy or dry they will still be there. Sometimes they fade off for a while but they will be back in full bloom when their sun shines and they are watered again. Sometimes you might get a little busy and you over look the garden for a little while but at soon as you check in on it and give a little care it will be back in full bloom.

Some friends are more like annuals, they seem to have a season and then they are gone. You plant them with the same care and you tend them the same as the perennials but for whatever reason in nature they only stay in your garden for a period of time. I guess with friends it is whatever time either you or they may have the need, sometimes you don’t even know whose need it really was. They come in beautiful colors but then after a while they just seem to slowly disappear, one by one. Sometimes maybe it is because we needed them in our life or they needed us in their life but either way it can be a beautiful thing if only for a season. Annuals have their purpose in the garden of life as well. And sometimes maybe it’s so you will know to appreciate your perennials more.

I’m just curious if you are tending the flowers in your garden. This was just to thank you for keeping me in your garden no matter what the weather or the season.

Questions or comments, just catch me at dwdaffy@yahoo.com.


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