I’M JUST CURIOUS: Home, sweet home

by Debbie Walker

Here’s wishing everyone felt that way, the warm memories of home. I love my little home but right now I am having a little bit of a hard time keeping anything in place. I know I am like Dolly Parton: trying to put 25 pounds of flour in 10-pound bag. It sure is not working here!

I just read a little blob about “Follow Five Rules of Order”. I can’t remember what magazine I tore the article from, and I hope they would forgive me for using it without giving credit to the writer. What follows is what she had to say:

1. Establish a Routine: When we enter our homes we should put our handbag in a designated place, along with coats, dog leash, and other items. Don’t overload the area. (It would defeat the purpose.)

2. Reset: Every time you use something, put it back in its home. Think of this as “resetting,” so it’s ready the next time you want it. (I hope you are better with that than I am, but I am going to try to improve.)

3. See tasks through: Unfinished chores are a major factor in a disorganized home (Oops, that’s me.) Laundry isn’t done until the clothes are folded and put away. The same would be true with any projects. Don’t start a job unless you have time to finish it. (I flunked again)

4. Cycle items in and out: If you bring something new into your home – from a new winter coat to a newspaper – something else can likely be thrown out or given away. (I am good at bringing it in, but I am not at all good about disposing of something else. I need to at least make an intent.)

5. Work one room at a time: Don’t organize by going back and forth between areas of your home. It will sap your energy and often result in half-finished projects. (That must be what happens here but most likely it is because my little great-granddaughter is nearby.)

How did you do with these? Of course, I believe I would have failed, let me know, please. We can compare notes. But we really aren’t done yet. The same magazine page had the following:

Keep it Clean


Make the bed. Put away clothes and toys. Empty the trash.


Do the laundry and put it away. Organize shelves. Go through bins, making sure the items are properly sorted. Straighten up the clothes closet and chest- of-drawers.


Remove clothing and shoes that no longer fit. Edit down playthings, asking your child to donate one toy for every new item he received that month. (He won’t even remember what he got.) Move toys that your child is outgrowing into a bin – if she doesn’t play with them by the following month, donate them.

Now we have all the tips we need for organizing when we get done with Spring Cleaning, and that time of year is coming up. Never mind the weather. You can always get a head start. By the time spring arrives you will have the time to spend outside.

I’m just curious what tips you would be willing to share. Contact me at DebbieWalker@townline.org with questions and comments. Thanks for reading and have a great week.


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