I’m Just Curious: How about if ..…

by Debbie Walker

I don’t usually spout off about the following things but every once in a while…

How about if ..… taxpayers’ money are no longer used to fund world catastrophes. If people in this country want to donate to those causes let them write out their own personal checks. If taxpayers’ money are going to be used for any catastrophes let it be the ones right here in the states like the recent tornados. There would be more money to help these people or more money for our kid’s schooling and elders’ medications.

How about if….. we stop putting out money for stupidity? As far as I know there is no way to predict a line of tornados hitting anywhere. However, when we have hurricanes come into the same areas time after time creating the same devastation why do insurance companies even consider paying for people to rebuild on the same land. New Orleans is a great example of that one. Most of New Orleans is below sea level. Does it make any sense whatsoever to rebuild on those properties “hoping” the new sea walls won’t weaken in another storm in years to come? Wanna bet on that one happening?

How about if….. we stop all the fuss and ta-do about “illegal” immigrants? The primary word, illegal, says it all. If they don’t come here legally, they get sent back to wherever they came from instead of taking them under a wing already over-burdened. I totally admire a man in Ohio, Sheriff Rick, of Hamilton, Ohio, Google him on the internet, it’s entertaining. Sheriff Rick is a fair man but if you’re illegal in his county you’ll be treated as such. He sends you back home.

How about if….. we stand up and say enough is enough. Who are we trying to make happy? We’ve taken God out of school and multiple facilities. Why? Who did it really hurt? So if there was a prayer time, pray to whoever is your higher power, if you’re atheist, read a book! If you are in our schools and don’t speak English go back to your home learn English and then come back. Our school budgets are being cut everyday. I heard there is a need for Spanish speaking teachers. In previous generations did we provide French, German, Italian, etc., speaking teachers. I don’t think so. Come on, some common sense.

I’m not a harsh person, but things are completely out of hand here. I may appear to have over simplified in this but I only am allowed so many words. Have you ever heard it said, “Some things are as clear as the nose on your face.” Sometimes the simplest things get over complicated. How about if…. We quit wasting money on things that just don’t make sense!

I’m just curious when the powers that be are going to start using common sense, at this point I am hoping President Trump will maybe shake things up for the better before he is done. I am willing to give him time.

Contact me at dwdaffy@yahoo.com, subject line: How About. Thanks for reading!


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