I’m Just Curious: Illegal?

by Debbie Walker

“Illegal” is the latest word I looked up in the dictionary to complete this column (Love dictionaries!). So ….. surprise, surprise. Illegal means prohibited by law; against the law; unlawful; illicit, also not authorized or sanctioned, as by rules. The word is used to describe an alien who has entered to U.S. illegally.

Does that seem difficult to figure out? There have been times when I have figured I must be over simplifying the word. Because of some of the things happening in the country I wind up sitting here scratching my head and wondering out loud.

One of my big questions comes from a few years ago. It was a situation that came to me from Ohio. Sherriff Rick got concerned because the medical field, the schools, jail system, etc., were hurting financially due to an explosion of illegal aliens. To make a long story short, Sherriff Rick started arresting and sending “illegals” back to their homes.

A professor from a local college wrote this long article about how wrong Sheriff Rick was in sending off the “illegals,” home to Mexico. What boggled my mind was that she kept using the word illegal in her article defending of the aliens.

Did she really not understand the meaning of the word? Like I said, it boggled my mind then and still does.

The professor is not alone in this nonsense. The latest ridiculousness came from Mrs. Hillary Clinton. Her husband made their name memorable by not following common sense rules.

With Hillary I believe it comes from the explanation of illegal and the word “sanctioned.” When all the talk about rather or not her e-mail mess was discussed in terms of illegal or “sanctioned,” I may very well be over simplifying, but does anyone else see “illegal as illegal,” where is the debate?

OK, now the debate could be used when one gets to court with an illegal situation and the judge will determine to what degree is this illegal activity. Where did the FBI get authority to discount her use of an unsanctioned e-mail server for her use? She did it, it wasn’t sanctioned? So…. Where is the confusion? Illegal? I’m afraid if it were you or I we’d be looking at a completely different outcome.

So… I’m just curious if you understand my dilemma. I just don’t think the definition of illegal has legally been changed as yet.

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