by Debbie Walker

I am back! This was the longest I have ever been sick with anything and it was NOT Covid. It was a really nasty flu that lasted weeks. What I didn’t realize, I was so making things worse. It was one of those deals you are too sick to even try to see a doctor and too stubborn to go when my daughter wanted to take me (I have learned a lesson). Just too sick to want to move.

What I wasn’t even thinking about, nor anyone else, was my prescription medications. That is how to “add insult to injury” of a situation. I really made myself much sicker for longer.

I learned not to be so stubborn (stupid) and realize the daughter very often is smarter than the mother. I also learned that someone else should always know your medication routine. I would suggest giving someone dependable a paper that has all your medication information. How you take each and when. Name of doctor and phone number for each one. These plans before any illness may save a life someday. You can consider this my latest PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT.

The day before I got sick, May 2, Twodles (Two doodles) birthday party for my great-granddaughter. What a “splash”, literally! There was a bounce house and water slides for all different skill levels! It was quite a day! I loved watching Addi learning what to do in a bounce house.

Twodle’s I learned is the second birthday Mickey and Mini Mouse style (her latest favorites). Mickey, Mini and the show is all very different from what I remember years ago. You have to watch to believe.

Miss Addison Grace is now two years old with an amazing vocabulary. You can have a real conversation. Amazing. Numbers, colors, animals, alphabet and loves books! (I hope to remember to put in a picture.)

As soon as I could fly I got a flight and came to Maine for recuperating at a good friend’s cottage on Unity Lake. It has been wonderful, the weather perfect I have been visited by many friends and family.

My sister and brother-in-law brought up everything necessary for a clam boil for lunch one day. He had dug the clams and he did all the cooking! What a way to get pampered!!

One Saturday morning, I read a children’s story to little ones at the library in Unity. I love to dress in some silly outfit for the reading. It is fun watching the kids, ages 3 -6 years old, reactions as I read them some funny story. I think they enjoyed as much as I did.

Fireworks! While everyone was hunting for fireworks to watch, I had my own private showing at the cottage. Cottages on the other side provided me with the entertainment! I had the best view, from inside and no fighting off mosquitoes. It was great!

It’s back to Florida this week for me. I have been up here for well over a month and I want to get back while Addi still remembers who I am. I hope you had and continue to have a wonderful summer. Here comes fall!

Thank you all for letting me know you missed me. Contact me with questions or comments at DebbieWalker@townline.org. Thanks for reading!


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