I’M JUST CURIOUS: January thoughts

by Debbie Walker

Benjamin Franklin

Benjamin Franklin, at the new year said, “Be at war with your vices, at peace with your neighbors and let each new year find you a better man.” That was his thought.

My thought of the new year is a fresh start. It reminds me of the term “clean slate.” The saying comes from the slate boards used in schools years ago. Each day the “slate” started out clean. These days it usually means a fresh start; another chance to wipe out old offenses.

I would like to remind us all that each and every day is a new start, a new slate. So if you feel you fell short on your resolutions, just remember, the next new day is coming.

For some of us the new year begins on January 1 with the resolutions and in Maine it falls in cold, winter weather. There are others of us whose new year doesn’t start until the winter is gone and the sun shines warm and summer is beginning to bloom with greens and colors.

I found the following poem in the Farmer’s Almanac’s 200 Anniversary Collection. It is from 1871:

Farewell and Welcome

Go, winter, go!
The frozen locks and tresses white
And looks that kindle not delight
and breaths that chill the young heart’s glow
And frowns that make the tear drop start
No bliss, no pleasure can impart
Go, winter. Go!

Come, summer, come!
With genial skies and budding flowers
and balmy gales and fragrant showers
and smiles that clothe the earth in flowers
Come with thy bright and fairy band
and scatter gladness o’er the land!
Come, summer, come!

Freezing Help

Okay, well, winter is happening no matter what our personal thoughts. I found these tips in a magazine for helping you with icy walkways:

Baking Soda: Sprinkle over icy walks and stairs. It will speed up the melting.

Vinegar: Mix equal parts of vinegar and water for a de-icer to melt surfaces including your windshield.

DIY Ice Melt: 2 qts warm water, 6 drops dish liquid, 2 oz. rubbing alcohol. Spray over walkways for easier shoveling.

90 Percent Rubbing alcohol: I used this on my windshield in Maine. Put it in spray bottle and I sprayed my windshield, walked around the car, sprayed the windows. The windshield was clear. You can leave the spray bottle in your vehicle. It won’t freeze.

Tarp: cover the area, car or walkway. You can shovel off or shake off depending on the snow or ice that you get.

Extra traction: Use clean kitty litter, wood ash from stove or fireplace, or even bird seed (the birds will love you!).

Frost-free mirrors: Cover side mirrors with plastic bags. To attach just use clothes pins.

I am finishing this with these words:

Just for today, I will be happy. I will not dwell on thoughts that depress me. If my mind fill with clouds, I will chase them away and fill it with sunshine. (by Dear Abby)

I’m just curious what unique thoughts you have for 2020. Contact me at dwdaffy@yahoo.com with questions or comments. Thank you for reading!!


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