I’M JUST CURIOUS: July crazy holidays

by Debbie Walker

Once again it is time to give you ideas for more holidays and fun for the month of July. I don’t dream these up myself. I get them from all over the internet. There are more than I can fit in one column.

I just noticed with this month’s collection they have some events posted for a certain week of the month. Ex: Week 2 of July is listed as ‘Nude Recreation Week.’ They didn’t include a link to the info for that one. Sorry. However, Week 3 is ‘Capture the Sunset Week:’ grab your camera and watch those evenings for the perfect weather sunset evening and take some pictures, but mostly just enjoy!

July 1: International Joke Day – If folks get in the habit of one happy funny day it might catch on to other days! Share your jokes and smiles.

July 2: I Forgot Day – This is not a day to remember! What are you forgetting, can you remember? Is it important? Hopefully not.

July 3: Stay Out Of The Sun Day – This day encourages us to keep cool in the shade then you will be ready for your outside activities on the 4th.

July 4: Did you know that July 4th is not just Independence Day but also National Country Music Day and Sidewalk Egg Frying Day. It’s up to you which one you choose to celebrate but giving notice to Independence Day would be nice.

July 5: It’s been a year since mom left us. Miss you Mom.

July 6: International Cherry Pit Spitting Day – The record is 100’ 4”! Can you do it?

July 10 Teddy Bear Picnic Day – Can you imagine how happy your children or grandchildren will be when you celebrate this lunch with them and their favorite bear. Happy Bday, Mim!

July 13: This is a Friday the 13th. It is a day to celebrate safely!

July 14: Pandemonium Day – Don’t let today shake you up. Just go with the flow in your calm manner and sanity will return. Big Deep Breath will get you calm.

July 14: National Nude Day – It is a way to keep cool on a hot, sticky summer day. Nudist believe the body is a beautiful and meant to be displayed. I like clothes.

July 17: Peach Ice Cream Day – I just had peach ice cream last week in Georgia. Good stuff! Peach Ice Cream, jelly, spread, candy, wine, the list goes on!

July 20: Moon Day – Enjoy this holiday watching Apollo 13.

July 22: Ratcatcher’s Day – If you see a Ratcatcher today wish them a happy day! It’s an old story from back in the year 1284, and the Pied Piper.

July 25: Thread the Needle Day – A day for those who sew (and can still see to thread a needle). It also means to walk a fine and difficult line between two issues or things.

July 31: Mutt’s Day – If you own a mutt then this is the day to celebrate a great breed, The Mutt. I believe they are even called Designer Dogs now! Enjoy!

I’m just curious what you would invent for a special day. Let me know, maybe we could start something new. Thanks for reading and as usual any comments or questions are appreciated anytime.


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