I’M JUST CURIOUS: May crazy holidays

by Debbie Walker

Another new month coming our way. Let’s see what we have for special holidays to look forward to:

May 1 – May Day – Do you remember when we used to hang May Baskets on friends and neighbors door? If you do how about starting up again for our newer generations. They missed all that fun. It is a Spring Celebration.

2 – Baby Day – Another spring celebration to honor new life.

3 – Lumpy Rug Day – intended to appreciate a good rug. If you have a lumpy rug, throw it out. Replace it with a nice lump-free rug.

6 – International No Diet Day – In your “diet life” remember to do so in a safe and healthy manner.

7 – National Teacher’s Day – Teachers are so important in our lives, we don’t honor them enough. If you are not a teacher you don’t truly know how hard they work, in school and on those ‘vacations of free time’ you think they enjoy too many of’.

8 – No Socks Day – While washing your feet before celebrating this day is a requirement, painting your toe nails is optional.

9 – Lost Sock Memorial Day – Say a prayer for lost socks, gather all your unmatched ones. You are never going to find the other. It’s time to throw it!

10 – Clean up Your Room Day – Kids this one applies to your parent’s room as well. (make a little exception for the creative people, they dance to a different tune!)

11- Eat What You Want Day – Today you can set aside your diet No – No List. Splurge away for tomorrow it is back to your goal.

12 – Mothers Day – Give your mother your time, your love, yourself, every day not just one a year. (RIP, Mom, we all miss you!)

14 – Dance Like a Chicken Day – Just have fun! Don’t pass up the chance to dance like a chicken!

15 – National Chocolate Chip Day – Let your imagination fly with what you can add your chocolate chips to or eat them out of the bag and smile!

18 – No Dirty Dishes Day – This is not intended to pile them up for the next day, it is no dirty, washable dishes. Either do meals (oops, that makes dirty dishes) on paper plates and tools or go out to dinner for the three meals and snacks.

22 – World Goth Day – Started in United Kingdom in 2009. It’s not just wearing black that makes you Goth. The Goth culture is expressed in fashion, music, art and to some degree, behaviors.

24 – National Escargot Day – Well that is just what we need, an eat a snail day. Guess that would cut down on garden problems but I will pass, thank you. Tried it once, it reminded me of a tire tube!

25 – National Wine Day – If you drink, don’t drive but maybe try a new wine. I have found I like Moscato. I tried a raspberry Moscato Saturday and put a raspberry popsicle in it for something different. Wine has been with us since Bible days. Celebrate! I know two ladies who will be!

I’m just curious which holidays you will observe!! Let me know. No drinking and driving! We all belong to someone who cares. (This info came from www.holidayinsight.com.)


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