I’m Just Curious: My little sister

by Debbie Walker

I will get to the subject involving my little sister after a while but first:

It’s kind of strange how some areas of the country can be in desperate need of water because of fires or dry crops. Then in the same country we have areas that are being severely flooded. Let’s see, then we have areas where tornadoes are the activity of some days and nights. I guess our cross to bear is our snow and ice.

So……. we live in Maine. In my vehicle I have a first aid kit, small shovel, a blanket, a window smasher, seat belt cutter and various other handy gadgets. Also if there is a blizzard predicted I stay home because I can!  However, before moving to Florida I had plenty of snow and since I have been back these past two years.

Now I will get down to my real subject: MY LITTLE SISTER

Lyn lives in Arizona, in Phoenix, to be exact. Last week two days in a row Phoenix experienced flash floods. The first day Lyn was driving home in the mess. Her home, thankfully, was still a bit higher and dry. However, her trip from office to home was no treat, quite an experience from what I understand.

My answer to this situation is to put life jackets in her car and her husband’s vehicle. Not in a trunk but inside with them! Useless in the trunk! Do you know what she told me? Remember now, she is the youngest sister! She told me NO! She said NO! Her reasoning is flash floods hadn’t happened for 20 years! NO but you had two in two days!

It’ll be interesting when she gets the life jackets in the mail! Hey, maybe I’ll order her a little two persons and dog and cat inflatable boat. I do know that it sounds kind of crazy to be talking about this in a desert state. They would have to do some practicing with the boat to make sure they could avoid the long needle cactus, don’t want holes in boat.

Oh nuts, I forgot they do have sand storms out there too. Guess I will have to work on that.

I found a couple of these sayings and want to pass them on:

Your fences need to be horse-high, pig-tight and bull strong.

One thing I want to remember in volunteering in the school is “words that soak into your ears are whispered….not yelled.

This one is cool and would appear to be common sense, “do not corner something that you know is meaner than you.”


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