I’M JUST CURIOUS: Opinions and columns

by Debbie Walker

My hope is as you read our columns that you sometimes find information of use in your daily life. Some of the columns are aimed at giving you a chuckle. Some columns are designed to give you information we have heard and you may not have yet, so we pass it along. Some are just as the title says, just our opinions.

Some weeks you may read an opinion and totally agree with it. You may in some way feel validated knowing someone else carries the same opinion you do. That same column may strike someone else completely different, they may absolutely disagree. And still others may read it and it gives them something to mull over as to how they feel about the subject.

Some weeks a column may give you something to laugh about. For at least a few minutes you forgot something weighing heavy on your mind and have a little chuckle and possibly something you feel was positive enough to share with others.

There are times we are very serious about subjects like politics of many levels. Again the information may be general or it may be quite detailed, all of which is presented for you to consider. (Very seldom do I tackle this subject. You would shortly find out I have a healthy disrespect for the subject!)

Sometimes we write about health issues as I did with “Ticks and Bumps“. I re-run it once a year because it is about a little known skin cancer, that’s the “bump”, little known and yet it is cancer. If you had seen mine you probably would have thought like I did, “It’s nothing”, however I was wrong.

Some writers give you a bit of history of the area. Local history is always interesting to me. When people are new to an area they often appreciate this info. If you have your own memories of the area it may be a trip down memory lane. If you know a local story of earlier years pass it on.

It’s my understanding that the biggest newspapers are slowly on their way out. A friend of mine, a long time newspaper man explained to me that we now have access to the subjects we are most interested in instantly with internet and hand-held devices.

Newspapers are becoming obsolete as we are driven more and more into the “tech” world. He believed the small local papers would continue for quite some time. Most people like to see local folks in their papers; local kid’s sports, celebrations, honors, obituaries, police beat; all things local, good and bad. And if anyone is like me I still prefer flipping paper pages.

I believe each of the writers for any paper hopes to please the readers with information of interest to the community. You can play a role in a local paper, as well, if you know something you think should be printed, give the paper a call! See what happens.

I’m just curious if you noticed that I have printed this article before.

Contact me with questions and comments to DebbieWalker@townline.org. I’ll be waiting.


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