I’M JUST CURIOUS: Public service announcement (Unofficial)

American black bear. (photo by Michael Webber)

by Debbie Walker

Let me first explain this is certainly not official business. The words are all my own, the paper nor anyone connected had anything to say here. Just me.

This one has to do with the bear population of Maine. I am so not knowledgeable on this subject so you may want to check with your local game warden.

The reminder I want to bring up in this column is: I believe we are into the time of year when the bears are getting nervous about packing on enough eating to be able to survive their winter sleep. Are you remembering to be diligent about taking care of your bird seed and feeders, and anything else they consider their food such as your beehives?

Now for a little story: Imagine if you will, waking in the middle of the night to find a bear in your room. Never in your wildest imagination had you thought something like this could happen to you.

My friend held her scream in as long as she could. The scream she released alerted her little tough guy, Jack Russell dog, Petey, down the stairs just ahead of her husband and on the bear’s heels, sending the bear on his way. When she was able to talk, she explained the story of the bear. Being male, he thought she had a nightmare. He couldn’t imagine it could have really happened, but he would humor her by looking around. He remembered they left the door open a crack for the cat to be able to come and go. He went out the door to look for their little dog. In the entryway he discovered their bag of sunflower seeds destroyed. Ooops, guess maybe there was a bear. He got the dog, closed, and locked the door never to be left open again, cat or no cat.

Thanks to D and D and their experience and sharing it, maybe we can prevent someone else from having a similar situation. Thank you D and D and, of course, Petey!

Maybe another note of interest: As you are preparing for the winter you know will show up sooner or later, I would like to suggest if you have animals that stay outside, please make sure to make preparations for them as well. They have to depend on you, please don’t let them down. If you can’t take care of this for them, please find someone who can. I don’t know what agencies you have there who might be able to help you, ask around, someone will know if you have such available.

I heard a good one today. It comes under the Scam topic. Nana Dee got a phone call. It was a man looking for her son, Ray. He claimed Ray had called to see about a brace for his backache. Ray, a quadriplegic, died five years ago!

I’m just curious if you have any bear stories to share. Thanks for reading. DebbieWalker@townline.org for any questions or comments. Have a great week!


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