I’M JUST CURIOUS: Starting with downsizing

by Debbie Walker

Are you planning a downsizing or just want to clean up a little like maybe spring cleaning? Did you put away all your Christmas decorations? Come now, haven’t you found one or two things you forgot? In the Woman’s World magazine dated March March 28, 2022, there is an article Surprising Down Sizing Tricks. I am sharing some of it in this column.

So, let’s start with that. Before you put away anything. Are there any items you might be able to redecorate for another holiday? If there are it ought to be fun. There is the old trick of “three piles”, you use one for maybes (that’s the tricky one). Yes, there is one for you to keep the special things (this one can be tricky, too, but I’ll get back to this later) and there is one to definitely throw away or donate.

Come to think of it they are all tricky. This has to all be up to you, something you really want to do. Then remember that just because someone special gave this or that to you, does not mean you really have to keep it. If they ever have reason to know, they may have forgotten all about it.

In the magazines it is also mentioned about possibly taking pictures of things that you think you might want to make later. Just don’t clutter up your picture space but if you do you can clean that up later! Or, the idea I liked was things you really loved such as children’s art work, and other things and make a coffee table book of all these wonderful things.

Oh, and they suggested in this magazine that we could all take old jewelry and baubles to decorate some of our “art work” projects. However, unless you want to wind up with the kind of messes I presently have you might want to pass on this one. Maybe a better idea is to make a box of art project items for a nursing home perhaps. This is one of those “Do as I say, not as I do” kind of thing.

On to a different subject, that comes from First magazine also dated March 28, 2022. These come under the page on Smart Home Solutions, page 78.

This first one that caught my eye was a Do-it-yourself lazy-susan. You will need a handful of marbles and two pie plates. Place one pie plate on the counter, add the marbles in plate. Then place the second pie plate on top of the marbles. Top plate will now ride around on top of the marbles but better yet you place the spices you use very often on the top plate. Things won’t come sliding off and it will keep things handy for when you need it.

The final one for the night is “pesky spots on your glassware” remover. It is to: Add two to four tablespoons of hydrogen peroxide to dish washer’s rinse compartment and run as usual. I haven’t tried it (no room for a dishwasher in my camper!)

Okay, that’s my last piece of educational material for this issue.

I am just curious if you will try any of these. Let me know at DebbieWalker@townline.org. In the meantime have a great week and thanks for reading.


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