I’m Just Curious: The Tree of Life

by Debbie Walker

When I learn something new I enjoy passing it on. Not all that I/we write is going to be interesting to all who considers reading articles that I/we have written. So once again I am in your face with something that just boggled my mind. I, of course, am interested in what some of you may think; keeping in mind that some things I am interested in my poor mom just shakes her head. I can’t help it; I just enjoy “stuff.”

I am bringing this to you without very much research. I am sorry that all I may do is just peak your interest a bit, maybe. Searching out information is just a journey for me that I am not quite ready to take. I am hoping some of you will have to look up the subject. It will mean something a little different to all of us, I am sure.

Image Source: pixabay.com

Last week I was having a medical visit, met up with my nurse and as usual, the talk was on. She had on a pair of earrings that matched my ring. It is simple design, it is called the Tree of Life, have you ever seen it? To me it has always been the grandmother’s tree (that explanation will come later) but it is known as the Tree of Life. My nurse asked if I knew the story behind it. I have to admit that with all my curiosity I did not ever think to look it up. Well, she had been guided by a medical friend of hers to look it up on the computer. She shared this info with me. We went to Google, typed in Placenta, Tree of Life and up pops this website that has all these pictures of PLACENTA, normally I would say “Oh Yuck!” but I was too shocked. In each of the dozens of pictures you can easily see the copied design of the “Tree of Life.” It is absolutely amazing!

A doctor friend I love to share stuff with said the placenta provides nutrition for the fetus like a tree root system. I shouldn’t be surprised at all of this, babies are life, and they are in the chain of how life begins.

As I said earlier, some of you will be interested enough to look further as I may someday. I am just enjoying being so amazed about this much of it. I would hope for you that each day you find something that you are “Just Curious” about.

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