I’M JUST CURIOUS – Those crazy January holidays

by Debbie Walker

By the time you read this Christmas will essentially be over, well except for the clean-up bit. So, as threatened (oops, promised) I am catching you up on January holidays just in case you aren’t holidayed-out yet.

With all these holidays for the month you are sure to find a couple that appeal to your senses:

January 1: National Hangover Day – I think that one needs no explanation.

January 2: Run It Up the Flagpole and See if anyone salutes – Be creative and test new ideas and concepts.

January 3: Festival of Sleep Day – Personally I think that should be on the 2nd!

January 4: National Spaghetti Day – Italy made spaghetti famous but they say it came as far back as 1200 Arab cultures was selling the dry noodles. Sorry Italy.

( I am skipping a few days)

January 7: Old Rock Day – no idea where it was created or why. Interpretation is yours.

January 8: Male Watchers Day – Females it is your turn to ogle, discreetly or visibly!

January 10: Peculiar People Day – Just remember, we’re all a little peculiar. Celebrate!

January 12: National Pharmacist Day –These are special, extremely knowledgeable folks!

January 15: National Hat Day- Enjoy a hat, wild or useful. I will be sporting a wild one!

January 17: Ditch New Year Resolution Day – If you hadn’t already!

January 19: National Popcorn Day- Pop up some fresh popcorn, sit back and enjoy!

January 21: National Hugging Day- Just make sure they realize what is going on!

January 23: Measure Your Feet Day – WHY?

January 24: I share my birthday with Beer Can Appreciation Day and Complement day!

January 25: Opposite Day- If you say right, go left. If you say up you mean down, etc.!

January 28: Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day – Stress reliever! My niece loves to snap it!

January 30: National Inane Answering Machine Day – Guess we have all heard these!

January 31: Backward Day – Use your imagination. Kids love it. Me too!

Now, you can choose one or all to celebrate and enjoy this cold, cold month! Have some fun. Share them with your friends, have a party and celebrate!

On another note, I have a quote to share with you. My column has always been called I’M JUST CURIOUS for a reason. My Mom used to say, “Do you have to question EVERYTHING?” The answer is ‘absolutely!’ When I meet God I have some serious questions for him! (I am not in any hurry!) When I found this quote I was quite pleased.

It is debated which of two ladies gets credit for it, however, they are both mentioned in the different sites I looked at. One is Dorothy Parker and the other is Ellen Parr. The quote: “The Cure for boredom is curiosity. There is no cure for Curiosity.” I love it! I hope we pass it on to all the kids we come in contact with. They are born with strong curiosity, don’t discourage it, encourage it and see where it takes you both. It is wonderful to really share! And what a way to start a new year!!

As usual, I am just curious what holiday you will choose for January. Let me know how it goes!! That is dwdaffy@yahoo.com and I am looking forward to hearing! (I use a lot of exclamation points, which is me being excited!)


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