I’M JUST CURIOUS: Which is it, boy or girl?

by Debbie Walker

I remember years ago something being said about “When the jackets come off in the spring the bellies start showing,” the pregnant bellies. Since it is about that time of year, it seems appropriate to share some smiles with you.

The information came from my most recent Farmer’s Almanac Newsletter. The article is written by Judy Kneiszel. I have used some of her words and some of my own. I’ll bet you have stories of your own.

Carrying High or Low: Carrying high with a big rounded belly supposedly going to have a girl. Carrying low with a smaller belly is said to be a boy.

Wedding Ring Swing: Tie the mother’s wedding ring to a string, hold it over her belly. The ring swaying back and forth would mean a boy, steady circular motion would be a girl. You can also use a needle and thread.

Baking Soda Test: You use the first pee of the morning. Use a paper cup, add one spoonful of baking soda then add some of the urine. If it fizzes it is said to be a boy. If it stays flat, it’s probably a girl. Bright yellow urine is another sign of a boy. Dull yellow should be a girl.

Heartbeat: No, not the dad’s heartbeat! Above 140 beats a minute is a girl, below that is a boy.

Mother’s Age: Add the mother’s age at conception to the year of conception. If the total is an even number the baby is a girl. Odd number and it is a boy.

Cravings: If mother is craving sweets or citrus, that would be a girl. Salty foods and the woman is having a boy. That would mean if mother is craving pickles and ice cream, I guess that would be twins!

Morning Sickness: If the mom has morning sickness in the first 12 weeks of pregnancy, she’s having a girl (Well that explains my daughter). No morning sickness it’s a boy!

Beauty Steelers: If the mom is getting compliments on her beauty while pregnant, it’s a boy. Otherwise, it is said the girl baby is stealing the mother’s beauty. At any rate while she is pregnant tread lightly, hormonal reflexes might be a bit off!

Cold Feet: If mom has cold feet it might mean the baby is a boy. If the mom’s feet don’t feel any different it’s probably a girl.

Weight Gain: This one is for the dad. If dad gains weight the baby may be a girl. If the father gains weight at same rate as mom, the baby is said to be a boy. (Or dad is sympathetic.)

Now if you know some different tests I would love to know what they are. Please share. Don’t forget Mothers Day is May 12 and she deserves some spoiling. It is easy to make mom feel special. Spend some special time with her. Don’t forget an aunt, remember your grandmother, too. You can’t go wrong, spend some special time with them. If you are doing a gift put some thought into what they would really like.

I’m just curious if you found your tests were correct. Let me know and I will pass it on in a future column. Contact me at dwdaffy@yahoo.com. Thanks for reading!


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