I’m Just Curious: Would you be interested?

by Debbie Walker

You already know I buy strange books and magazines to read and sometimes share info with you. Today is one of those days. The information that follows is from a 2002 Almanac that I found. The info I am sharing should be useful, even now in 2017!

$$Ways to Save Money

Put a freeze on impulse purchases:

They mean business; literally put your credit card in an empty ice cream carton. First put in some ice cubes, then the card/cards, then put in more cubes. Doing this puts the cards a little deeper than just an ice cube tray! Makes you have to wait longer to thaw to get your hands on the card.

Organize your receipts for taxes:

Don’t buy a file cabinet. Get a 12-bottle (or two six-bottle) wine box from a liquor store (you can always decorate!). Label each of the 12 holes, for its month. Ta Da!

To keep furniture looking good:

You can protect the finish of your furniture with tiles you may have used in your house or a friend’s home. You can also find tiles at The Home Depot, in Waterville, (and I hope you meet Chris, the best customer service I have had in years!) Pick out your tiles and glue felt on bottom to protect furniture.

Drape to distraction:

If you want to paint your room, change the color, but one wall may need some repairs you can’t afford right now. It might be an idea to make a long curtain from ceiling height to floor. You could make the curtain from marked down fabric (at Wal-Mart, in Waterville!). If you need a long curtain rod you can try a long dowel (from Chris at The Home Depot!! We got one as wide as our bedroom).

Express your appreciation:

If you really like a product write to the manufacturer. Explain why you like their product. You may receive a reply and a bunch of coupons. It might save you money on something you like to buy.

Find pencils and pens in a flash!:

Can’t find something to write with in a hurry? This article’s idea is to get a cheap flashlight that has a magnet on it. Take the top, the bulb housing and the batteries; put them away in a drawer where you will find them another day. Then hang the body of the empty flashlight on the ‘fridge and add your pencils and pens.

This all came from an article printed in Yankee magazine and shortened for the Almanac and then I saw it, it has traveled well!

So was the information of use to you? I hope at least one note was. I’m just curious what tips you have to share. Contact me at dwdaffy@yahoo.com . Thanks for reading and don’t forget our website!


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