LEGAL NOTICES for Thursday, August 26, 2021

18-A MRSA sec. 3-801

The following Personal Representatives have been appointed in the estates noted. The first publication date of this notice August 19, 2021. If you are a creditor of an estate listed below, you must present your claim within four months of the first publication date of this Notice to Creditors by filing a written statement of your claim on a proper form with the Register of Probate of this Court or by delivering or mailing to the Personal Representative listed below at the address published by his name, a written statement of the claim indicating the basis therefore, the name and address of the claimant and the amount claimed or in such other manner as the law may provide. See 18-C M.R.S.A. §3-80.

2021-189 – Estate of SHIRLEY ABBOTT, late of Moscow, Me deceased. Brian L. Abbott, 1160 Finn Town Road, Warren, Me 04864 appointed Personal Representative.

2021-192 – Estate of STEPHEN M. FREDERICK, late of Norridgewock, Me deceased. Anthony Frederick, 546 Mercer Road, Norridgewock, Me 04957 appointed Personal Representative.

2021-121 – Estate of JOSEPH J. MANCUSO, late of Madison, Me deceased. Craig D. Mancuso, 4786 South Golf Drive, Blaine, WA 98230 appointed Personal Representative.

2021-198 – Estate of ELIZABETH JEAN KING, late of Fairfield, Me, deceased. Scott Warren King, 372 Center Road, Fairfield, Maine 04937 appointed Personal Representative.

2021-200 – Estate of WAYNE A. NEAL, late of St. Albans, ME deceased. Sheila L. Neal, 1294 Avenue Road, Exeter, Me 04435 and Linda S. Nelson, 1 Main Street, Palmyra, ME 04965 appointed Co-Personal Representatives.

2021-202 – Estate of ERNESTINE LOUISE COX WEBB, late of Anson, Me deceased. Vernon L. Cox, PO Box 508, Anson, Me 04911 appointed Personal Representative.

2021-205 – Estate of ALPHONSE HENRY TETREAULT, late of Solon, Me deceased. Joseph C. Tetreault, 150 Front Street, West Springfield, MA 01089 appointed Personal Representative.

2021-206 – Estate of GERALD C. SHEAFF, late of Madison, Me deceased. Andrew K. Sheaff, 21 Crosby Street, Orono, Me 04488 appointed Personal Representative.

2021-208 – Estate of NORMAN L. MOODY, JR., late of Canaan, Me deceased. Lisa Lucille Brewer, 1431 Enfield Street, Apt 2N, Enfield, CT 06082 appointed Personal Representative.

2021-210 – Estate of ELLA MAE SANDERS, late of Fairfield, Me deceased. Tammy Jo Carter, 36 Stagecoach Lane, Benton, Me 04901 appointed Personal Representative.

2021-215 – Estate of CLYDE M. BROWNE, late of Anson, Me deceased. Rebecca B. Jordan, PO Box 607, Skowhegan Me 04976 appointed Personal Representative.

To be published on August 19, 2021 & August 26, 2021.

Dated August 16, 2021 /s/ Victoria Hatch,
Register of Probate



Notice is hereby given by the respective petitioners that they have filed petitions for appointment of personal representatives in the following estates or change of name. These matters will be heard at 1 p.m. or as soon thereafter as they may be on, November 3, 2021. The requested appointments or name changes may be made on or after the hearing date if no sufficient objection be heard. This notice complies with the requirements of 18-C MRSA §3-403 and Probate Rule 4.

2021-203 – Estate of KARENA LEA COCHRAN. Petition for Change of Name(Adult) filed by Karena Lea Cochran, PO Box 241, Canaan, Me 04924 requesting her name be changed to Karena Lea Caffyn for reasons set forth therein.

Dated: August 18, 2021.

/s/ Victoria Hatch,
Register of Probate

41 Court Street
Skowhegan, Maine 04976
Docket : AA-0168-1
Minor Child


This cause came to be heard on the Motion for Service by Publication by petitioners Afton Sierra Prescott and Paul Russell Noke Jr., for service by publication upon UNKNOWN father, pursuant to Maine Rule of Civil Procedure 4(g) and Rule of Probate Procedure 4(3)(2), and it appearing that this is an action for Termination of Parental Rights brought by the Petitioners, Afton Sierra Prescott and Paul Russell Noke Jr., against UNKNOWN father, and that UNKNOWN father cannot, with due diligence, be served by any other prescribed method, and that the address of UNKNOWN father is not known and cannot be ascertained by reasonable diligence; and it is ORDERED that the Petition to Terminate Parental Rights be heard before this Court at 41 Court Street, Skowhegan, Maine 04976 on Wednesday, October 6, 2021, at 1:00 p.m., or as soon thereafter as it can be heard, and it is ORDERED that UNKNOWN father appear and defend the cause and file a written response to the Petition by delivering it in person or by mailing it to the office of the Register of Probate, 41 Court Street, Skowhegan, Maine 04976, and by mailing a copy thereof to the Petitioner’s attorney at his said address on or before October 6, 2021.

IMPORTANT WARNING: If you fail to file a response within the time stated above, or if, after you file your response, you fail to appear at any time the court notifies you to do so, a judgment may, in your absence, be entered against you for the relief requested. If you do not file a response, you must file a written appearance with the clerk, if you wish to be heard. If you intend to oppose the petition do not fail to answer within the required time.

An order terminating UNKNOWN father parental rights will divest said UNKNOWN father and Bailey Renee Prescott of all legal rights, powers, privileges, immunities, duties and obligations to each other as parent and child, except the inheritance rights between the child and her parent. Furthermore, UNKNOWN father shall not be entitled to notice of the child’s adoption proceedings, nor shall he have any right to object to the adoption or participate in the proceedings, and said order shall have all other effects set forth in 22 M.R.S.A. §4056.

If you believe you have a defense to the Petition, or if you believe you have a claim of your own against the Petitioners, you should talk to a lawyer. If you feel you cannot afford to pay a fee to a lawyer, you may ask the office of the Register of Probate at 41 Court Street, Skowhegan, Maine 04976, or the Office of any other Register of Probate, for information as to place where you may seek legal assistance.

It is further ORDERED that this Order be published in The Town Line once a week for three (3) successive weeks.

Dated: July 8, 2021
/s/ Robert M.Washburn
Judge of Probate

A true copy of the original
Attest: /s/ Victoria M. Hatch
Register of Probate

Legal Notice



The Fairfield Town Council will hold Public Hearings in the Council Chambers, at the Community Center, at 61 Water Street, on Wednesday, September 8, 2021, at 6:30 p.m., for the purpose of hearing public comments on the following matters:

• A Secondhand Dealer Application submitted by The Oaks (second hand shop) to be located at 207 B Main Street,
• Proposed revisions to the Fire Prevention and Protection Ordinance.
• Proposed revisions to the General Assistance Ordinance.

Copies are available at the Town Office. All interested persons are invited to attend the public hearings and will be given an opportunity to be heard at that time.

/s/ Christine Keller, Town Clerk


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