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CHINA: KWD trustees hear China Lake report

Image Credit: chinalakeassociation.org

by Roland D. Hallee

At their March 15 meeting, the Kennebec Water District board of trustees heard a report, on the request of trustee Allan Fuller, regarding the China Lake water level and maintaining this level within the Maine Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) lake level guidance order.

Kennebec Water District Engineer Matt Zetterman informed the trustees that in order to meet the winter target level of one to two feet below the spillway, KWD has recently made an adjustment to increase the flow to the Outlet Stream, from 115 cubic feet per second (cfs) to between 150 and 160 cfs. Zetterman explained that although the DEP allows a maximum water release of 200 cfs, in consideration of the stream volume capacity, property owners, and shoreland, KWD attempts to maintain a flow below this level. In addition, as the lake level decreases, it becomes more difficult to sustain the higher flow. He further explained that the month of April is when the flow is adjusted with the intention of replenishing the lake with water. With the amount of eventual snow melt, raising the level should not be too difficult, but adjustments will continue depending upon weather variables such as the amount of precipitation, or the lack thereof.

Zetterman assured the trustees that KWD has good and constant communications with the DEP, and the DEP is aware of the effort by the Kennebec Water District to maintain the lake level within the state guidelines.