VETERANS CORNER: I always admire the night sky

by Gary Kennedy

Ah! Here it is the first week of January and all will turn back to normal soon. The presidential election is over and the race in Georgia for control of the Senate has been decided. The results of these two events will guide this country for the next four years. A few veterans are happy with these outcomes but I fear the result and the road to that result has left disappointment and a sour taste in many mouths. This has certainly been the meanest presidential run in my life time. I pray for our country, our veterans and all that have suffered through this entire ordeal. Many have died needlessly and many small, struggling businesses have perished as well.

We all have our vote. I, for one, hope that we all followed our conscience and good judgment and that the outcome will lead to a successful term. I use to be a strict party person, now I try to read the heart, soul and potential benefit to all my military brothers and sisters as well as their families and those they serve. We are all in this together, so we can’t turn our love for one another on and off organizationally.

As a Maine native, and a former soldier, I have grown faster than the dollar and have grown to realize that the worth of a person far outweighs the value of the ever declining dollar. I have spent the past many years giving back throughout the world, all that I can, and trying to heal some of life’s wounds that I carry, by helping others avoid some of these things.

At night I always admire the night sky as it is the only thing that darkness enlightens. It’s a blackboard of wondrous creation. I’m sure many of you carry the same thoughts with you. The night sky is the most beautiful parchment one could ever possibly find and that which is adorned on it is the greatest art work ever conceived. I am now sure each beautiful sparkle has meaning and many of us strive to be part of the artist’s loving hand. It makes me think of the “house of many mansions.” My wish for this New Year is that we all take a moment to look around, see the wonders but at the same time realize there are many needs. If we selfishly address them, then we will be promoting chaos. When we search the sky we do not see disarray or instability, it’s only when we look here.

It’s true that not all that hold their hands out are in need but I suggest that those who do are among them. Make 2021 a year of consideration and just assume that those who bare their pride just might be in pain. Remember it’s not what we take with us but what we leave behind.

Covid-19 has been a nightmare of massive proportion for most of us but it has also brought us together in many ways. We and the world have developed new medicines which lead to the stimulation of the human brain and its ability to overcome adversity. Often this will bring about adjuncts of various sorts. Many medicines have been precursors to other important discoveries. I think people tend to become lazy and need to be stimulated once in a while. Stimulus checks certainly are helpful in maintaining a course on a temporary level but does not incentivize one to move forward. I believe when thought out most of us would agree.

Many of you are probably not aware that the Togus VA began their vaccine distribution last week. All of the employees are currently receiving this vaccine as well as in house patients. Next should be the totally disabled veterans that come and go through the V.A. doors. I believe by the start of summer the elderly, disabled and caregivers will be finished and the remaining population will receive theirs. So, there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

So in conclusion, I personally want to thank all the men and women health caregivers who have placed themselves in harms way and made great sacrifices both to themselves and their family and friends. We can all learn a great lesson from all those who served on the frontline, in particular the scientists who develop these miraculous vaccines. Also, without partisan implication, I believe we can thank President Trump for his Warp Speed reaction to this terrible deadly threat to the USA and the world. Normally, it requires years to find and approve a drug such as this for use.

First and foremost, we are Americans as well as part of the human race. We do these things for the love of human kind and the earth that is but one sparkle on that parchment of the night sky. God Bless and have a very Happy New Year.


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