I’M JUST CURIOUS: Uses for products you may have

by Debbie Walker

I bought another book of different uses for regular products. The name of the book is CLEAN IT! FIX IT! EAT IT! It is authored by Joey Green; it is said that he has about 20 books published. I have enjoyed reading the content, have no idea if I will ever remember the ideas when I need the advice. I have not gathered information on all the ideas in the title, however, there is much more for a column at a later date. Let’s move on now:

DOWNY can be used as a hair conditioner: add a half a capful of liquid Downy to four cups of water. Pour through your hair. Rinse and, ta da, no tangles.

DOWNY will also eliminate static electricity from inside a car: Mix two teaspoons of Downy and one quart of water in a spray bottle. Spray fabric and carpeting. No more static! I will be using that one!

WD-40 is great if you get your hands all greasy while playing mechanic. Spray on hands, wipe with a paper towel, and then wash hands as usual. You can also use it to remove tar from your vehicle. We have Love-bugs here right now. They make a mess of the cars. I may just try this one, too.

Smirnoff Vodka can help as a hair product. Now don’t be upset, you will only be using one jigger of it. No, I know it wasn’t made for this purpose, but it works. Add one-ounce jigger to a 12 oz. bottle of shampoo. The alcohol will keep your scalp clean and remove the bad stuff.

Credit cards, the ones you get in the mail that serve no real purpose, can be useful for scraping dishes. I also understand they work well with frost or ice on the glass of your vehicle.

Morton Salt can be very useful when you drop an egg on the floor. Pour salt on the egg and let sit for one minute. Then you can easily pick up the egg with a paper towel.

Silly Putty, remember the toy(?), can be used to pick up small, dropped items like beads or get them out of crevices.

Purell Hand Sanitizer can be used to clean stains from plastic containers when washing.

Wilson Tennis Balls may seem like an odd thing to want to put in your swimming pool next summer, but it will collect the body oils. It’ll make cleaning easier.

Bounce sheets put on the floor of your boat before winter covering to prevent mice and raccoon from setting up camp for the winter. It works for special vehicles being stored for the winter.

Murphy’s Oil Soap can be used for washing your vehicle. It also leaves a shine and beads up when wet.

Barbasol Shaving Cream can be rubbed inside car windshield and wipe off with a clean cloth to prevent fogging.

Colgate Toothpaste, put a dab on a pimple at night and the next day wash off.

Bag Balm will take care of the worst of diaper rash on the baby. I know this one personally. It saved my sanity with my daughter’s rash about 49 years ago.

I am just curious how many of these things you will try and what others you know about? Contact me with your questions or comments at dwdaffy@yahoo.com. Thanks for reading and have a great week!

I’M JUST CURIOUS: Those crazy November “holidays”

by Debbie Walker

It is almost over, all these holiday reminders. Hope you have found some new holidays to look forward to, let me know the special ones to you.

Nov 2: Book Lover Day – This should be my birthday! It is a day for finding a comfy seat either in the sun or shade, depending on your liking. Find that place to relax with a good book.

Nov. 3: Housewife Day – Thank all the ladies who stay home and tend to the house and family. It was the way of things some years ago when one income could support a family. The “good ole days.”

Nov. 6: Marooned Without a Compass Day – I would say the GPS has changed things for some of the compass carrying folks. When I drove to Ohio the first time my 28-year-old granddaughter said, “Nana, how did you find your way to Steve’s with no GPS? I introduced her to the Atlas and Compass. And they don’t need batteries nor Wi-fi!”

Nov. 7: National Men Make Dinner Day – This is to give the ladies a break from some daily chores. (This includes cleaning dirty dishes, clean off table and sweep the floor). It is also to encourage men who don’t know how to cook to learn!!

Nov. 8: Chaos Never Dies Day – If you think your life is chaotic today, just wait until the holiday season arrives!

Nov. 11: Veterans Day – It is to honor all members of the Armed Forces who served this country valiantly. Thank you all.

Happy Birthday Brother Blake. Rest in Peace.

Nov. 13: Sadie Hawkins Day – Do you remember Al Capp’s “L’il Abner Cartoon”? Sadie Hawkins Day started because the Mayor of Dogpatch wanted to marry off a daughter. The only way this girl was going to get a guy was by catching him in a race! Catch him and he must marry you!

Nov. 15: Clean Out Your Refrigerator Day – Use this day to clean out the refrigerator from top to bottom. Use the old saying for your guide: “When in doubt, throw it out’!

Nov. 20: Absurdity Day – Celebrate this in an absurd manner. Find things to do that are somewhat, if not wholly, illogical. Have fun with it. Have a wonderful, mind boggling and absurd day!

Nov. 27: Pins and Needles Day – This was the name of a pro-Labor play on Broadway on this day in 1937. This is a “Pins and Needles” Day when you are waiting for a special event. Relax and enjoy!

Nov. 29: Buy Nothing Day – On the day after Thanksgiving in recent years, people have celebrated the day by insane shopping for Christmas. Buy Nothing Day is to promote a little bit less craziness and a few less gifts to celebrate the Christmas holidays. We have gone crazy in debt for this holiday.

Nov. 30: Stay at Home Because You are Well Day – Celebrate this with caution. Your job may depend on it. Good Luck

I’m just curious which holidays you will choose to celebrate. Let me know how you did, please. This information came from a website called Holiday Insights. I hope you enjoyed the column. Contact me at dwdaffy@yahoo.com.

I’M JUST CURIOUS: You know you’re a mom…

by Debbie Walker

Sitting here with my latest cute little book, “You Know You’re A Mom…”, I knew I was going to have to share these with you. I hope they give you a chuckle. They each start out with: You Know You’re A Mom ……

You realize you’re the luckiest person in the world – after you get through throwing up.

Your world is rocked by a blessing the size of a blueberry.

Hearing your baby’s heartbeat for the first time causes your heart to skip a beat.

You know you’re the mom of a baby when …. You would pay $1 million for a 15-minute nap.

You realize all the books were helpful, but you would have been better off spending that time sleeping.

You start talking in a whole new language and use words ‘potty’ and ‘bite-bite’ while speaking to other adults.

You realize that to a little baby throwing food is as much fun as eating it.

You trade your designer purse for a diaper bag.

You learn the hard way that boys tend to spray straight up.

You set a schedule for everything; bedtimes, meals and baths. Your baby ignores every one of them.

You can now shower, dress and get made up in 1/10th the time it used to take.

You stuff most of the baby’s nursery in the diaper bag – and then realize you can’t carry it.

You suddenly realize you have that mysterious capability called mothers intuition.

Your baby is dressed better than you.

A tiny laugh from a tiny person can turn around the worst day.

You cry during your child’s first haircut.

You know you are the mom of a toddler when…. you wake up with extra people in your bed.

I wrote all the preceding words to prepare you for our family’s news. My granddaughter is turning me into a great-grandmother! That’s right, Tristin and her partner in this crime, Chris, are preparing for my first great-grandchild scheduled to arrive in the spring. Chris’ 10-year-old son, Hunter, is going to be the big brother. They are being told we will meet this child around the end of April to the beginning of May.

In the meantime, while we wait, we are getting reports about our (me and Wandering Nana Dee’s) great-grand baby. We have been told by Momma Tristin our little baby has been the size of a blueberry, the next week a raspberry, shortly after, a Southern Pecan, next a Kumquat and most recently a Brussel Sprout. Do you suppose this child will have a complex about being compared to a fruit or vegetable? (She gets this information on some sort of maternity website)

In the meantime, I came up with something I think will be fun. Baby books are in stores so parents can have a guide to recording the baby’s “firsts.” I have decided to start a book to record the family’s (mom, dad, brother, grandparents, aunts and uncles, etc.) remarks, pre-birth gifts and maybe some pictures, etc. I’ll let you know how this works out.

I am just curious what wisdom and advice you would be willing to share with us. I am looking forward to hearing from you. Contact me at dwdaffy@yahoo.com with all questions and comments. Thanks for reading and have a happy, healthy week!

P.S. Just got this information tonight! Part of the mystery of childbirth is over for us. The parents shared with us today that the baby is a girl and her name is Addison Grace, nicknamed Addi. Can’t wait to hold her!

I’M JUST CURIOUS – The Wandering Nanas: backyard home training

by Debbie Walker

No, the horse wasn’t getting trained. It was me and Nana Dee who were receiving the training. The following is the beginning of this story:

Nana Dee and I were visiting with my daughter, Deana about 10 p.m. Suddenly, usually quiet dogs, the two dogs of our family were going nuts at the back door. Crazy, I have never seen them carry on like that before. Deana and Todd, however, knew they didn’t like something going on in the back yard. Todd was awakened by the barking, he came to the door practically walking in his sleep, he looked out the back door. I don’t think his eyes were really open yet! Deana looked out a window and right into the face of the intruder, our neighbor’s white mare, Silver.

This past spring when the folks moved in, we all discovered the horse’s fence was not nearly as solid as they were led to believe when they bought the place. Silver has been here to visit several times since her first visit. That first visit was a real shocker, saying it was a surprise was an understatement.

Silver has visited us a few times but not lately. I kind of missed seeing her out here in the back yard. I had told Nana Dee that I had even wondered, “Wouldn’t Jackie please let her come over for a visit? I was completely forgetting when you wish for things you must be very specific. I should have added “in the daylight.” I believe I have now learned.

The night of the ‘visit’ Nana Dee and I learned the steps to take when Silver decides to visit (escape). We make sure she is okay. One of us keeps an eye on her and the other calls her people and prays we can reach them! We still are not sure what to do if they are unreachable. Silver is quite content to eat the green grass here, of course, the fact that she may get carrots and/or apples in the visit seems to go over well with her.

The story continues when we saw a flashlight coming through the woods with her people ready to retrieve her. You can tell she knows they are coming. She picks up her head in recognition and then back to eating this grass.

Our training of back yard horses complete, we now know what to do. We just may not hurry her off. I now am reminded of the time of day I will wish for her to visit us. I definitely need to wish for the before sundown time frame.

I’m just curious if you have any critter training sessions in your past. Please contact me at dwdaffy@yahoo.com with your questions and comments. I’ll be waiting! Have a great week!

P.S. I decided to add some PHILOSOFACTS I got from the Farmer’s Almanac:

Years may wrinkle the skin, but lack of enthusiasm wrinkles the soul.

Aspire to inspire before you expire.

Optimism is when a tea kettle can be up to its neck in hot water and still sing.

Reading gives us someplace to go when we have to stay where we are.

THE END for today!

I’M JUST CURIOUS – School: then and now

by Debbie Walker

I believe most of us went to school as children, different years, and different eras in some cases. To start, just in my family, there was dad and mom’s generation. Yes, we all know dad walked 30 miles to school, rain, shine, or snow and that’s after the chores were done.

Mom I discovered was in the top of her classes. I know they studied the three R’s, ‘Reading and ‘Riting and ‘Rithmatic, taught to the tune of a hickory stick. Mom used to sing that for us.

Then there was my generation. Our school had four grades in the two buildings in town. One teacher for each of the two grade rooms. No kindergarten, just 1-4 and 5-8.

I imagine the teachers had plenty to complain about. I am reasonably sure my teachers have all gone to their reward by now. I bet they would have plenty to say about what their days were like.

After having volunteered in a classroom for two-and-a-half years, a thought crossed my mind. I have no idea what my daughter’s class days were like. I didn’t know how she was taught. What was the ‘theory’ behind the math style she was taught? The Common Core Math being taught now in Maine, oh, brother, it’s crazy!

I am not writing any of this as any kind of criticism of the teachers now. Believe me, from what I saw in those volunteered years I really don’t know how they do it without a volunteer or aide in their room. There is so much to be taught and, of course, there are children at different skill levels. My example would be the reading. The teacher must find a way to teach them all. They must make time for the computer-generated tests. And I don’t want to get started on that one!

There are possibly stations, in their classrooms, for their different types of class work. The teacher might be at the table teaching one level of reading to a group. There would be the group who sit at their desk and finish some class work, and there is probably a computer station for another group to get in their number of minutes for the week. There may be a library corner and a group will be there reading quietly, hopefully. Keep in mind now, the teacher must teach her group activity plus oversee the other stations. Imagine how that works out with one or two little ‘actors’ in the class.

Teachers must keep a schedule going all day. They must deal with morning break, lunch, and afternoon break. A lot of people think teachers get paid such a high wage. If you figured all the hours teachers work, including time they need to use on the weekend to prepare their classroom for the next week, hours they use up in the evenings, yes, divide those into their salary for hourly wage. They wouldn’t even be making minimum wage.

My intentions for this column was to give you a little view of the classrooms “then and now.” I’m sure you remember ‘then’ and I hope I gave you a look at ‘now.’ These are all my thoughts and opinions and not the responsibility of The Town Line.

I’m just curious how you remember “Then.” Let me know at dwdaffy@yahoo.com. Thanks for reading and have a great week!

I’M JUST CURIOUS: Wandering Nanas on the river

by Debbie Walker

The weekend of September 8 and 9 was a busy one for the Wandering Nanas; the eighth was Nana Dee’s 80th birthday! In my way of thinking the 80th should be celebrated, I call it a significant number.

Nana Dee has a Bucket List of activities to enjoy. One of those things was to have an air boat ride. Even though she grew up in Florida she was never in the right place at the right time to have one. Well, Saturday she was in just the right spot.

Saturday afternoon we arrived at River Safaris, in Homosassa, for a Gulf Airboat Ride and Dolphin Quest. The cruise is a 90-minute ride. The river on the Central West Coast of Florida, puts us about one hour south of Gainesville and about one hour north of Tampa.

Captain “Irish” Dave was our guide. He has been running the river for 10 years and definitely knew his way around. He zoomed us through backwaters, estuaries and passed some historic Indian islands. We zoomed through saltwater marshes leading to clear, shallow waters. We saw fish, corals and sponges, birds and ducks.

This cruise was also a Dolphin Quest and it did not fail us! We were able to watch a pod of six dolphins frolic alongside and around us. I even managed to get a few pictures of them as they broke the water’s surface. Did I mention how shallow the gulf is off our coast?

I didn’t think so. The way I have always heard it told is this part of the gulf is not the best for deep sea fishing. The story is that we get deeper by about a foot a mile. So, you would have to go out about 30 miles to get the right depth. What’s always been funny to me is you can go out on a boat, get to a point where you see no land on any horizon. The funny part is you can get off the boat and very possibly walk on the bottom! I have been out a few times scalloping, and the first time was a real shock to me when I got off the boat and stood up. I loved it. I figured if we had boat trouble we could always walk to the shore, except…… I really didn’t want to walk with a shark swimming along side of me! (No sharks sighted this trip.)

We continued to celebrate Dee’s birthday by going out to a sea food dinner that night, five of us ladies. If I told you we were quiet and dignified I would be lying. But we did have fun!

The next day we talked Dee into giving up her afternoon of NASCAR racing on TV, something she rarely misses. We made up some story about needing this or that and we stole her away. While we were gone, family arrived to put together her surprise birthday party. We were all surprised she hadn’t figured anything out, but she truly had not even thought of a party for her. She thought her birthday was over on the eighth. You just never know what is up with this group of family and friends.

I’m just curious if you have ever swam with dolphins. That’s on my bucket list!

Contact me at dwdaffy@yahoo.com with any comments or questions. Have a great week!

I’M JUST CURIOUS: October crazy holidays

by Debbie Walker

Wow! We are moving into the fall months fast!!! I am reasonably sure that most of you have special activities all thru the fall. I’d love it if you would drop me a line and share some of them with me. Hopefully you will enjoy the following:

Oct 1. International Coffee Day – Wake up and smell the coffee. And if you are CRUMPY without it, put it on speed perk!

Oct. 5. International Frugal Fun Day – a day to enjoy fun activities that are free. Use your imagination!

Oct. 9. Curious Events Day – Hold some kind of event that peaks one’s curiosity.

Oct. 11. It’s My Party Day – Make it simple or elaborate. You could always sing the words to “It’s My Party” (and I’ll cry if I want to), but without the tears!

Oct. 12. Moment of Frustration Day – This is the day to get rid of your frustrations. Think, what will let your frustrations out in a constructive manner. No arguments, please. Try singing, “Don’t Worry, Be Happy.

Oct. 14. Bald and Free Day – Celebrate the Bald people. They don’t have to have haircuts, hair crème, I think maybe they don’t even have to shampoo.

Oct. 16. Dictionary Day – Celebrate Noah Webster’s birthday, the father of American Dictionary. Encourage children to use the dictionary. I have a big one at my desk and I have downloaded one on each tablet I own. I don’t have to use one often, but I am grateful when I find my answer.

Oct. 17. Wear Something Gaudy Day – It is your chance to stick out in a crowd. Wear something bright, cheap, showy, outlandish or otherwise not in good taste. I must celebrate this holiday every day!

Oct. 21. Babbling Day – Blatherskites (a person who is prone to speaking nonsense) this is your day. You will know them because they never stop talking nonsense. Babble away the day. This is your day!

Oct. 22. National Nut Day – This day honors all the nutty people of the day. It also celebrates nuts that are nutritious and flavorful. Then there is also the nut that screws onto a bolt. Don’t eat those, they have other uses!

Oct. 26. National Mincemeat Day – I am hoping everyone who reads this knows what mincemeat is. That would not be the case here in Florida. The truth is a whole generation, after 1900, didn’t know what this was. If you are one of those, just ask your neighbor, they may know. Yum!

Oct. 30. Mischief Night – This is the evening of mischief, not Halloween, according to the information I found. Law Enforcement discourages the activities of the past such as soaping windows, egging cars, etc. If you choose to honor mischief night, don’t do anything you wouldn’t want done to yourself.

Oct. 31. Halloween – the information I found stressed this as being the best holiday because it does not cause stress (?), no overload, and no holiday depression. Adults have been known to gain weight from this holiday, Beware!!

I’m just curious what your favorite day will be this month. Let me know your favorite date and why. I will be waiting at dwdaffy@yahoo.com for your questions or comments. Thanks for reading and have a great week!

I’M JUST CURIOUS: True or false

by Debbie Walker

This past week I have been catching up on reading the magazines I have received in past months. I had several Reader’s Digest. I had several to catch up on and yes, I found something I wanted to share with you. This one I believe I will just refer to as True or False. It is written by Marissa Laliberte and titled “Health Facts Your doctor wants you to know.”

Cold Weather makes you sick – FALSE. (Oh Mom, you were wrong all those years!) It takes germs to make you sick.

Not all heart attacks involve chest pain. TRUE. Don’t ignore shortness of breath, light headedness and pain in other areas of the upper body.

Being overweight shortens your life expectancy. FALSE. Sixty studies of more than 190,000 people and found overweight had the same longevity as “normal” (who is that?) weight adults.

Don’t ice a burn. TRUE. Ice can damage cells and make it worse. Cool water five minutes.

Antiperspirants cause cancer. FALSE. The longest study to date found no link.

CPR doesn’t require mouth to mouth. TRUE. A study in 2017 found when bystanders gave the uninterrupted chest compressions rather than pausing for rescue breath the survival rates were higher.

Carrots help your eyesight. FALSE. The fact is there was a big propaganda scheme in World War II. Rumors were started that carrots improve eyesight. The British Royal Air Force developed a new type of radar tech that helped pilots SHOOT DOWN German enemy planes at night. To keep the technology hidden the government said carrots were behind the successes.

Tilt your head back if you have a nosebleed. FALSE. That will make you swallow blood and irritate the stomach. Tip your head slightly forward and pinch your nose shut for 10 minutes.

Stress will give you an ulcer. FALSE. Two main causes of stomach ulcers are overuse of NSAD painkillers and infection from bacteria. Stress might make an existing ulcer worse.

Bar soap is covered with germs. FALSE. Once on the soap germs won’t last long enough to spread, bacteria die within minutes and are not transmitted to the next person.

Alcohol warms you up when it’s cold outside. FALSE. You might feel warmer and your face may start to flush as you sip that hot toddy. Alcohol causes your blood vessels to dilate, moving warm blood closer to the skin. The warmth causes you to stop shivering, which actually brings your core temperature down.

Sitting too close to the TV damages your eyes. FALSE. Until late 1960s radiation from the TV was not well regulated. Today’s TVs don’t pose that risk. Staring at anything for a long time can make the eyes feel tired, but it won’t cause permanent damage.

Caffeine stunts growth. FALSE. People used to think caffeine would leach calcium from the body, meaning weaker bones and slower growth. Newer research suggests that teens can safely drink up to the equivalence of one cup of coffee or two – three cans of cola.

I’m just curious if you ever believed some of these things. I enjoy reading them and are hoping you do, too. Contact me with comments or questions at dwdaffy@yahoo.com Have a great week!

I’M JUST CURIOUS: Made up words

by Debbie Walker

How many words have you made up over the years? When no other word would do when dealing with your children, did you make one up?

My friend, Nana Dee (of the Wandering Nanas), has made up a word. Dee has an amazing wit plus quite the collection of southern sayings. It was her made up word that spurred me into this column today. “Smartassery” is her word. It is for the times when she just can’t help herself and the sarcasms come out!

As I said, that got me started and finding a book and an article in a Reader’s Digest magazine clinched it for me.

The author of a Reader’s Digest article by Bill Bouldin titled the Best Made Up Words Ever is one resource for this column. A few of his words and meanings are what follows:

  • Beerboard – to extract secret information from colleagues by getting them drunk.
  • Blamestorming – The act of attempting to identify the person who is most at fault for a plan’s failure.
  • Chairdrobe – A chair on which one piles clothes that belong in the closet. Not to be confused with a floordrobe (think ‘wardrobe’).
  • Destinesia – When you get to where you intended but forgot why you wanted to go there.
  • Fauxpology – An insincere expression of regret.
  • Pregret – To know what you’re about to do is wrong, wrong, wrong, while also knowing you will do it anyway.
  • Textpectation – The anticipation felt when awaiting a response to a text.

The next example of made up words, let’s call them “designer words,” concept is much like the dogs referred to as mutts are now designer dogs.

The reference book I used is by Eden Sher and the title is The Emotionary, a Dictionary of Words That Don’t Exist for Feelings That Do. I picked a few favorites that follow:

  • Ambivicilty = Ambivalence + Difficulty – the anxiety of having to make decisions.
  • Inrelaxability = Inability + Relax – the anxiety of having free time. My mother would say that was my problem!
  • Irredependent = Irrational + Independent – unable to ask for help under any circumstances.
  • Devade = Devastation + Evade – to purposely avoid asking someone a question, for fear that they won’t give the answer one wants to hear.
  • Disapathy = Disappointed + Apathy – a state of indifference caused by repeated past disappointment in people.
  • Proquester = Productive + Sequester – to obsessively work on a creative endeavor in isolation, neglecting friends, family, and/or other work.
  • Smork = Small + Quirk – The deeply ingrained behaviors, reactions and/or habits one exhibits every day.
  • Inattextive = Text + Inattentive – characterized by incessant phone use during social situations.

Now, here is a word for you to guess, made up word or in the real dictionary? The word is Tintinnabulation. What do you think? The meaning is “the ringing of bells.” All those letters meaning such a little thing. Is it really necessary? Must be because this word IS in the dictionary. Just keep in mind all words were made up by someone in past years.

I’m just curious how many words you have made up over the years? Let me know, please. I love this foolishness. Contact me with comments or questions at dwdaffy@yahoo.com. Have a great week. Find something to enjoy!

I’M JUST CURIOUS: Fact or Fiction?

by Debbie Walker

Well, yes, I have been reading again and would like to share what I learned. I was reading a Reader’s Digest, dated February 2019. The article was written by Marisa Laliberte and two others. First, we are going to do Facts:

Dinosaurs had feathers – archaeologists found evidence of some of them having feathers.

Sloths can hold their breath longer than dolphins can. Dolphins need air after 10 minutes. A swimming sloth can hold its breath for up to 40 minutes.

Chicago isn’t called the Windy City because of its weather. The title was meant as an insult to the elites of the city, meaning they were full of hot air.

A woman was elected to Congress before women’s suffrage. Jeannette Rankin was sworn in in 1917 and women weren’t allowed to vote until 1920.

Dunce cap has been around since the 13th century. John Duns Scoutus believed the cone shape of the cap would funnel knowledge to his brain. After it lost it’s followers things turned around and it was looked at as a joke. Duns = dunce.

Astronauts can cry in space. They can cry but with no gravity the tears pools into a ball on their cheeks. Astronaut Chris Hadfield says no-flow crying “stings a bit.”

After World War II was over there was a shortage of chocolate in Italy. Pietro Ferrero knew his Italians would still crave chocolate. He came up with their chocolate fix answer. He created Nutella to stretch the limited supply of chocolate.

CIA have their own top-secret coffee shop called Starbucks. It’s in Langley, Virginia. The attendants aren’t allowed to write customers names on their orders because some of them are under cover folks. The stores name is not even on their receipt, this one is Store No. 1.

Dorothy’s ruby red shoes for The Wizard of Oz originally started out as “silver shoes.” The new films in Technicolor needed something a bit showier. Ta-Da = Ruby Red shoes.

You can’t hum while holding your nose. Quit trying, you look funny! You might have been able to get out a note or two but good luck with a full song. Why anyone would want to anyway would be my first question. How about you?

How about some “Fiction” information?

Blood is blue inside the body as you see in your veins through the skin. FALSE. It is red inside and out. It all has to do with the light absorbed through the skin. It is red, inside and out.

Paul Revere shouted, “The British Are Coming”. Nope. Only in Longfellow’s poem. No one knows what or if Paul Revere said anything.

Factoid is a fun mini-fact. Not. It’s the opposite. Norman Maller came up with the term. He was describing “fact” that were invented by gossip reporters. The suffix “oid” refers to something that appears like something else but is not.

Neanderthals were dumb. They were probably just as intelligent, but scientists think they didn’t fare well when the animals they hunted died out after the Ice Age.

Okay now I am just curious how many of you are going to question some of these pieces of Fact or Fiction. Remember I am only passing on things I read and wanted to share!

As usual you can reach me at dwdaffy@yahoo.com. I’ll be waiting. Thanks for reading and enjoy your week!