GROWING YOUR BUSINESS: What’s your trademark? What will people remember about your service?

Growing your businessby Dan Beaulieu
Business consultant

What makes people remember you?

What are you known for? One of the great marketing and branding moves you can do to make yourself noticed and remembered is to have something that people remember you for. Something about you and your company that makes you distinctive. A symbol, or a service, that is distinctly yours.

It might be your truck. Old trucks are very popular right now. Imagine what kind of impression you’d make driving to your work sites in a perfectly restored cream-colored 1949 Ford F-1 pickup with your logo on the side. People would remember that. You’d be a riding billboard for your company.

There is a very popular exterminator company in other parts of the country by the name of Truly Nolan. And yes, there was a real Truly Nolan at one time. This company refurbishes old cars, puts the company name on the side of these cars, and parks them all over the area they serve. Everybody knows who they are, and what they do, and they are by far, the most successful exterminators in any market they serve. And its all about those beautiful old cars.

But your trademarking doesn’t just have to be about cars. It can be about your uniforms. It can be about your logo or your logo on your uniforms. It could be all about what you do that is special. Right now, in the very competitive hair cutting business, there is one company that has become famous by finishing each haircut off with a nice hot towel rub to the neck. It doesn’t cost much but its unforgettable to the point that their numbers are constantly rising because of those hot towels.

Years ago, when I lived in Milwaukee, there was a fabulous airline called Midwest Express. They were known for their great service, the fact that there were no middle seats, and best of all they served hot and gooey chocolate chip cookies! People loved them, both the airline and the cookies were known as the airline that served chocolate chip cookies. People would go out of their way to fly Midwest Express.

One of the local landscapers in our area gave out beautiful freshly-made Christmas wreaths every year, that was one of the things he was known for, besides the fact that he was a great landscaper, we miss you Ken.

So, what it’s going to be for your business? What are you going to do to make sure you are remembered? To help you out, here are a few ideas that you should find useful:

  • If you have a landscaping company, leave a single rose when the job is done. Or maybe an instruction booklet on how to take care of the plants you just planted.
  • If you’re a plumber, leave a unique calendar, or a booklet on water conservation. Make sure it has your name on it, and if you are into that make it your cause.
  • If you’re an electrician leave them with a flashlight or other such device with your name on it, of course.
  • If you’re a house painter and wallpaper hanger, arrange a small guide informing the customer of exactly the paint and paper you used so they can get more if needed.

Look, we could go on all night here, but you get it. Be unique and be outstanding and people will remember you. Try different things out, not all of them will go over big but keep trying until you find something that represents your company well and also is delightfully memorable. This in the end will help you be remembered and most importantly, help you grow your business.


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