I’M JUST CURIOIUS: Are you a lefty?

by Debbie Walker

If you have answered the question, “Are you a lefty?” more than once or twice in your life you probably are left-handed. I imagine you have also heard some interesting comments. Well, here comes a few more. I just had to share them.

This info I found in a book titled The Natural Superiority of The Left-Hander, by James T. de Kay. The info follows:

“One person in ten is left-handed. And every last one of them thinks he’s sort of special.” The author’s words, not mine! It is said that left-handedness is something of a rarity. There are even some plants and sea critters that are said to be lefties. Lobsters are sometimes left-handed. (If you were very hungry you wouldn’t pick that one from the case in the restaurant or store!)

It is believed the very first members of the humans were left-handed. I am not sure who they found to ask about that item. Things were said to be fine for us lefties up through the Stone Age. With the Bronze Age of manufacturing, most work was done by right-handers, so the tools were designed for right-handers. Go figure! By the Middle Ages left-handers were left out in the cold, even suits of armors were made for the right-handers.

If we gave it much thought those of us who are left-handed could feel a little paranoid. Yes, paranoid when you consider many of us can tell the stories about the teachers who tried to change us over to be right- handed. Could have gotten the feeling of failure by first grade!

Today the only thing that actually favors us is the toll booths! AND even those are being put out of business by the Sun-Passes! But that is okay because Ben Franklin favored us with his writings about the left- handed with his left hand, I guess.

There have been five left-handed presidents; Garfield, Truman, Ford, Bush, and Clinton. Swimming also favors left-handers. Left-handers make fantastic tennis players, even though they are not clear why, forty percent of top pros are left-handed.

There are more left-handed boys than girls. Some experts claim you can tell about a baby being left-handed by the swirl of the hair on top of their head. It is said you can tell if your left-handed if the base of your thumb is wider and squarer than the right.

Right-handers adapt comfortably to abstractions. But left-handers tend to translate everything into visual imagery. Right-handers tend to think lineally. One out of every four Apollo astronauts turned out to be left-handed.

We now know why left-handers have always believed they were special. In their hearts, they know they are right!

So, are you a lefty? I am happy that my dad fought the “battle of the teacher” wanting to change my dominating hand. I have not felt my left handwriting holding me back much, if at all. They tell me I even hold my pen the right way.

I am just curious if you are a lefty. We are special, as are we all. We each bring something special to this old world. Contact me at Debbiewalker@townline.org. Have a great week and thanks for reading.


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